The Laborer's Champion

Equal and exact justice for all
VOL. IV. CENTER, SHELBY COUNTY, TEXAS, THURSDAY  MORNING SEPTEMBER 22, 1881    NO. 38 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

F.L. Johnston.
Attorney and Counselor
Center, Shelby County, Texas
S.D. Payne
Shelby County.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Center, Shelby County, Texas
Titles Investigated and Taxes Paid.
Special Attention given to the Collection
of Claims
Promisies energy and promptness
in collecting and remitting
R.C. Farmer
Center --- Texas
Dealer in
Also keeps constantly on had a
large supply of Flour,
Sugar, Coffee.
Call and be made happy


We see from a dispatch that Mrs. Susan Mary Bonaparte, widow of the late Jerone Napoleon Bonaparte, died at  Bellview??????. She had been six for two months.


Court of Directory of Shelby Co., 1881.

District Court--2nd Monday in March and 10th Monday after the 1st Monday in July.  Judge A.J.Booty, District Judge.

S.D. Payne, District Clerk.


County Court, Probate- 3rd Monday in January, March, May, July September and November.  O. H. Hooper County Judge. 

S.M. Hill, County Clerk


Commissioners' Court-2nd Monday in February, May, August, and November.   Dan McKnight, G.W. Biggar, T.H. Day and E.F. Bryan, Commissioners.


Justice Court-- Precinct No. 1, last Monday in each month at Center.   J.W. Delafield, J.P.  and J.F. Innis, Constable

Precinct No. 2, 3rd Saturday in each month, at Shelbyville.  J.L. Woollem, J.P. and P. H. Drefriend, Constable

Precinct No. 3, 1st Saturday in each month at East Hamilton.  G.H. Monroe, J.P.

Precinct No. 4, 2nd Saturday in each month, at Truit's Store  L.M. Truit, J.P.

Precinct No. 5, 4th Saturday in each month at Buena Vista.    R.H. Runnells, J.P. and Il.A. Jackson, Constable.

Precinct No. 6, 1st Monday in each month at Mt. Herman.   J.T. Davis, J.P.

Precict No. 7, 4th Friday in each month at Sapp's  Store.      A. J. Brinson, J.P.  and Sam C. Todd, Constable.


Fambro & Jennings
Water Gin
Grist Mill.
Four miles south-west of Center on the Tenaha.


Taken up and estrayed before J.T. Davis, J.P., Precinct No. 6 by Anderson Wheeler, Sept. 12th, 1881, on flea-bitten gray mare, about 5 years old, 14 hands high, appraised by G.W. Savel and Tom Taylor at $15.00 This Sept. 17th 1881 Attest: C.M. Hill Co. Cler, Shelby County, Texas.

The proceedings of the District Court.
September Term

Court opened on the 12th and closed on teh 20th, inst., with Judge Booty presiding with his usual dignity, and Col. Spivey for the state.  The following are the ones tried.

No.1859---Jack Bowling, Drunkennesss in a public place.  Plead guilty and fined $1.00 by Court.

No.1178---John R. Stephens, unlawfully carrying knife,.  Tried by jury and fined $25.00

No. 1179---John R. Stephens, aggravated assualt.  Tried by jury and fined $25.00.

No. 1188---Tom McCauley, unlawfully playing at cards.  Plead guilty and fined by the Court $10.00.

No. 1217---Edd Johnson, aggravated assault.  Tried by Court and fined $5.00.  Simple assault.

No. 1373---Geo. Berry, simple assault. Fined $5.00 by the Court.

No. 1031---William Holt, charged with swindling.Tried by jury and fined $17.00 and imprisonment in the county jain one day.

No. 1218---W.I. Smith, intoxication in a public place. Plead guilty and fined by court $25.00.

No.  1228---Pink McAllister, (f. n c)  unlawfelly carring pistol.  Plead guilty and fined $25.00 by the Court.

No.  1237---Amos Hooper, unlawfully at cards.  Tried by jury and acquited.

No. 1240---Jas Ramey, unlawfully carrying pistol.  Plea of guilty and fined by the Court $25.00.

No.  1382---Press May, unlawfully carring postol.  Plead guilty and fine by the Court $25.00.

No.  1387---Jas Cook, charge, theft of $200.50.  Tried by jury and verdict two years in the penitentiary.

No.  1233---Jacob Green, convicted by jury of aggravated assault and fined $50.00

No.  1147---D.L. Samford, disturbing peace.  Plead and guilty and fined $2.50 by Court.

No.  1289---Bob Solomon, unlawfully carring pistol.  Tried by jury and fined $25.00

No.  1392---J.S. Stephenson, intoxication in public place. Plead guilty and fined $1.00

No.  1290---Henry Strange, unlawfully carrying pistol. Fined by jury $25.00

No.  1308---Sam Powdrill, (f m c) aggravated assault.  Tried by jury and fined $37.50

No.  1813---Alfred Webb, disturbing the peace.  Plead guilty and fined by the Court $2.50

No.  1350---Alfred Webb, Distrubing the peace.  Plead guilt fined $1.00

No. 1352---John Starling and Steve Gunnells, charge affray.  Tried by jury, Starling fined $5.00 and Gunnells $2.50

No.  1377---Bob Solomon.  Jury and verdict Aggravated assault, fine $25.00

No.  1328---Perry Booth (f m c).  Jury and verdict of assault with intent to murder, three years in penitentiary.

No.  1356---Jordan Henry, carrying pistol.  July and verdict fined $25.00

No.  1356---Lewis Smith, carrying pistol.  Jury and verdict of $25.00

No.  1359---Warner Hooper, assault with intent to murder. Verdict $250.00 fine and imprisonment in county jail for six months.

Civil Court

1112 ---T.J. Todd vs F. Alexander, suit to foreclose vendor's lien.   Judgement by default, with decree to sell.

There were several cases not pros.  Court adjourned Tuesday. Col. Spivy did good work and his name is becoming a terror to the law breakers.


Now is the time to sow turnip seed.

Wanted - - a few good hands at the brick yard. J.J. Gibson

During the little gale we had last Wednesday night, our photographer, Mr. Parker, had the misfortune to have his gallery, which is constructed of canvass, blown down.

We had the pleasure, one day last week, of meeting in town Mr. Rufus Price, of San Augustine, and we found him to be one of those whole soul and compaionalbe gentlemen, whom we are pleased at ad time to meet.

Treasurer Hairgrove paid his respects to this office one day this week.   He informs us that the hos in his neighborhood are dying with the Cholera, and that the disease does its work in a short time.  Short crops of cotton and corn, and now the hogs are dying, looks like troubles and disasters come all at once.

Mr. J.H. Ramsey, of Buena Vista, one of the members of the jury of last week, that convicted so many cases, called on us and paid for three copies of the Champion.  Mr. Ramsey is one of the wide-awake men in this county, liberal and progessive.  It (If) he is able to take three copies of his paers, it does seem to us that every man in county could take a copy

Mr. J.A. Bigger informed us last Monday of the death of Mr. Solomon Mills last Wednesday.  He was an old and respected citizen-- he had reached the ripe old age of 73.

Parties wanting brick for wells, garden edging or for drainage purposes are requested to put in their orders in the next sixty days, as I will hot burn any brick for these purposed, on upon orders.   J.J. Gibson

I am now prepared to do all kind of blacksmithing and woodwork at prices to suit the times-- Horse shoeing at .50 cents per pair, cash.  Satification guaranteed in all work All I ask is a trial.  J.J. Ramey

Cook, who was tried one day last week for the theft of money, was convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary for the term of two years, but on Friday night, while he was out of jail under the care of Mr. Griffin, who was giving his medicine, made his escape and reached a cotton pen a few miles from town, where he lodgeed till next day, he was captured Saturday morning by Sheriff Brown.  He is now enjoying the conforts of the jail.

M.T. Johnson and lady, of rusk County, were in town several days last week.

We with pleasure add, this week to our list os subscribers, the name Mr. L.Ramsey, of Buena Vista

M.E. J. Rushing paid us a short visit one day last week, and while in our office he had his name added to the list of subscribers, and paid us the cash, which he had our thanks

It was fun to some of the school boys, one day last week, to see one of their professors skipping over the streets bare-headed, looking for the man that left a $2.00 hat on the hotel rack, and made off with his $5.00 "J.B. Stetson." After a hunt of some hours all was well.

Go to Parker's to get enameled Photographs.

District Attorney Gatling, of San Augustine County, attened our court last week.

Mr. Y.W. Rodgers authorizes us to place his name on our subscription book this week.   Please accept our thanks.

All kinds of country produce taken in exchange for goods.  Highest market price paid for hides, beeswax, tarrow, old Copper and bras.  Carnahan & Downer.

And now comes M.rG.W. Bradshaw an says he no longer wishes to do without his country paper, and like all public spirited men, takes the Champion.  Our best wishes.

Mr. S. Matlock, of Patroon, and one of the best farmers in the County, authorized us to add his name to our Subscription book.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Center, Shelby County, Texas, September 1st, 1881.  If not called within 30 days will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:

Brown, Taylor,    Calvin, Jack,   Griffith, J.S      Sentell, E.T. Thornberry, J.L.       Williams, Mrs. Mary

Money is good in its place, so are a great many things, but if you have not money, you may have lard, and it so, we will barter goods for it.  Hicks & Bro.

J.A. Jarrett is the only man in Shelby County that keeps all sizes of Thimble-skeins for sale--- He will sell ne, or as many as needed.  Give him a call.

At Center, on Saturday, September 24th, a board of examiners will meet to examine applicants for the State Scholarship at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.  The applicant mube be at least sixteen years old, must present certificates of good moral character, and must be examined in the principal branchs which constitute a fair English education.  The applicant standing the best examination will receive the certificate of the board.  Only one student to be admitted from Shelby County.   The course of instruction will include an agricultural course and continue for three years.  The expense of the student, except for books and clothing, to be paid by the State.  J.F. Porcher, P.N. Bently and Professor Mosely, of Buena Vista, will consitute the board of examiners, and the successful applicant should report at teh college for duty on 3rd day of October next, on which day the annaul session begins.
James W. Truitt Representative 8th District.


1020 acres, L. Odom H R 10 to 15 miles SW of Center in Three tracts.
125 acres, John Inman Head Right, 3 miles sout of Center, known as the Wilsey tract.
640 acres, Tyre Buckley H.R. 12 miles, SW of Center.
259 acres, John Buckley H.R. 9 miles SW of Center
160 acres, H. Hilton H.R. 9 miles SW of Center
122 acres, J.F. Pace H.R. 13 miles SW of Center
200 acres, Jesse Courtney 18 miles SW of Center
160 acres, John Green 11 miles NE of Center
277 acres, G.H. Patterson 18 miles NE of Center
147 acres, Thos Haley 18 miles NE of Center
500 acres, Sarah Hughes 12 miles NW of Center
160 acres, Geo Sanders 17 miles SE of Center