Center Opera House - 1900's

Shelby County Texas

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In the late 1890's and early 1900's Center had an Opera House.  It was located in what was known as the Polley Building, which was once the Crystal Theatre and today the Windham's Bargain Store.  It was used as public gatherings, cultural meetings and school graduation excersises.  It is not known just what the above occasion the above picture was taken. Note the badges that men and women were wearing, could have been Woodmen of the World gathering.

Persons in the photo are identified:
First Row L-R:  Mrs. J. M. Smith, Mrs. Ney Runnels, Mrs. C.C. Elliott, Miss Mable Riggs (Wheeler).  Mrs. Bob Thomason, Mrs. Stella Huntington, Mrs. Jeff Hicks, Mrs. Kate Fleshman, Mrs. Harkrider
and Mrs. A.W. "Virgie" Duke.
Second Row:  Mrs. W.G. Carnaha, Mrs. Florence Swearengen, Mrs. Jesse Padon
Third Row:Judge Hooker, Hillard Thomason, Ed Smnith, John C. Rogers, Alex La Rose, Unknown,
John Henry Wilson, Dr. P.G. Swearengen, Mr. Adkins and S.P. Irvin.
Fourth Row:  ???(boy) Beatty, E.H. Parrish, Jeff Hicks, W.G. Carnaha, Y. W. Rogers, Jesse Padon, Unknown, W.B. Downer, Pearl Thomason (little girl), Bob Thomason, N.O. Dekle, unknown, Eugene Burroughs, Dr. A.W. Duke, Clifton C. Elliott and Unknown.

From the files of Mattie Dellinger