1900 Spivey Family Reunion

Spivey Reunion 1900
                Identification made in 1965.  "The first identification was made for me (Charlene WALKER BRAZELL) by Amy G. WILLIAMS WALKER, my mother. She could not distinguish between some of her older cousins, but she identified a whip seen hanging on the porch as belonging to her father, General Irvin WILLIAMS.  (And that is a name, not a military title.)  Bessie RAMSEY WOOD, daughter of Jack (John Jackson) RAMSEY identified the Victoria SPIVEY RAMSEY line. Identification and verification came then from Rugen Franklin SPIVEY. I noted the few instances where there was still a difference of opinion in identification." .  The seven children of James Jackson and Mary Susan WILLIAMSON SPIVEY are indicated by *.
1.   James Jackson SPIVEY, seated with cane
2.   Mary Susan WILLIAMSON  SPIVEY, seated with white blouse
3.   *Victoria SPIVEY RAMSEY, seated with black blouse
4.   Lewis Cass RAMSEY, husband of Victoria, seated to her left
5.   Charley RAMSEY, bow tie unbuttoned coat behind children
6.   Nannie CRAWFORD RAMSEY (Mrs. Charley) tall woman to Charley’s left
7.   Dema RAMSEY, in front of and daughter of Charley and Nannie
8.   Otha RAMSEY, to Dema’s right, child of Charley RAMSEY.
9.   Kelly Ramsey, child of Charley, being held on Lewis RAMSEY’s left knee
10. Fannie RAMSEY HAIRSTON, standing behind Lewis
11. Jim HAIRSTON, to Fannie’s left
12. Emmett HAIRSTON, being held on Jim’s arm
13. Emma RAMSEY NEEL  to right of Fannie RAMSEY (from her viewpoint)

14. Charley N. NEEL to Emma's right
15. William Horace NEEL. child on Lewis’s right knee
16. Sidney L. RAMSEY, head behind Charley NEEL'S right shoulder
17. Edward Lewis RAMSEY, grey suit, black tie, behind Emma RAMSEY NEEL
18. John Jackson RAMSEY, black suit, behind Fannie RAMSEY HAIRSTON
19. Dora Ann RAMSEY, white dress, to right of Charley NEEL and Sid RAMSEY
            Of the Victoria SPIVEY RAMSEY group Dr. Allen RAMSEY was not present.
20. *DR. William J. SPIVEY. black trousers, white top, standing in front of post
21. Woman to Dr. W.J.’s right identified by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY as Mrs. W.J. (Laura UPTON SPIVEY) identified by Amy WILLIAMS WALKER as Dr. W.J.’s daughter, Ida SPIVEY
22. Dr. Jacob SPIVEY, leaning against post on left
23. Nora POWELL SPIVEY (Mrs. Jacob) standing to his left
24. Man standing to Nora’s left identified by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY as Rev.Sam CHILDRESS, a family friend; identified by Amy WILLIAMS WALKER as either Bud or Bob Spivey, probably Bud
25. Woman standing to left of that man identified as Mrs. Sam CHILDRESS by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY, as Laura UPTON SPIVEY (Mrs. Dr. W.J.) by Amy WILLIAMS WALKER
26. Boy, to left and below Nora POWELL SPIVEY, may have been a TRUITT boy who lived with the Dr. W.J. SPIVEY family, according to Rugen Franklin SPIVEY (The 1900 Shelby County census was checked on this point. Only family members were in the household of Dr. W. J. SPIVEY. On the other hand, in the household of Dr. Jacob SPIVEY and wife Nora was a 13 year old whose name was Grover PINKSTON. His relationship was listed as "boarder" and his occupation as "farmer."  It was the custom of some of the family to provide room and board to youngsters who wanted to come into town from the country to continue their education.  This was in exchange for chores.)
27. Man in back in dark suit white tie to Dr. W.J.’s left identified as Robert Lee SPIVEY by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY. Amy WILLIAMS WALKER had earlier identified him as that or possibly Bud (Thomas Upton SPIVEY)
28.I da SPIVEY (Identified as such by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY) head by post and below and to left of Robert Lee SPIVEY
29. Man in white below and to right of Robert Lee SPIVEY identified by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY as Thomas Upton "Bud" SPIVEY. Different identification of Amy WILLIAMS WALKER follows later.
                    Of this Dr. W.J. SPIVEY family group, Minnie SPIVEY WALKER is not in the picture.  Minnie was not then married because she married M. B. WALKER in 1906.
30. *Rev. James MONROE SPIVEY in shadows on porch, dark suit, dark bow-tie.
31.Ellen Spivey, to right of James Monroe
32.Allie Spivey, to Allie’s right and next to post
33.Ernest Elmer Spivey, to James Monroe’s left beyond post
34.Boy between James Monroe and Ernest identified by Amy Williams Walker as Herbert Spivey, identified by Rugen Franklin Spivey as himself. He should know, although Amy, reporting previously, had said that she and Herbert had a chinaberry fight; so her recollection of what he looked like should have been good.
Either Rugen or Herbert was not pictured. Nor was Zadie Spivey or Margaret Louisa WALKER SPIVEY (Mrs. James Monroe). Rugen reported that Herbert and Zadie were present but unwell and his mother was careing for them as the picture was taken. (Margaret Louisa Walker Spivey was related to Vesse Walker,  future husband of Amy Williams. She was Vesse’s aunt.)
35. *Emma (Emily) SPIVEY CHILDRESS in front in print dress.
36.May CHILDRESS, child in front to Emma’s right
37.Lela CHILDRESS, behind May
38.Wyatt H. CHILDRESS, dark suit to Lela’s right
39.Molly SCOGGINS (Mrs. Edwin) CHILDRESS in front of Wyatt holding child
40.?CHILDRESS, being held
41.Edwin CHILDRESS, to Wyatt CHILDRESS’s right
42.Molly CHILDRESS, in front of Edwin
43.Oscar CHILDRESS, to Molly CHILDRESS’s right
44.Pinkney Albert ChiIdress, young man behind and between Molly and Oscar
45.Carl CHILDRESS, with bow tie to Oscar’s right
46. *Willa (Gowilla) SPIVEY DAY, behind Emma who is in print dress
47.Man in white to Willa's left and behind Identified by Amy WILLIAMS WALKER as Grady DAY Remember, he was identified by Rugen Franklin SPIVEY as Thomas Upton "Bud" SPIVEY
48.Effie DAY, black belt to Willa DAYs left
49. *Isaac Williamson SPIVEY, man on viewer's right in black hat
50.Belle VAUGHN SPIVEY, to Isaac’s right
51.Willie SPIVEY, to Belle’s right
52.Emma SPIVEY, in front of Willie
53.Sidney Lee SPIVEY, in front of Belle
54.MoIlie SPIVEY, in front of Isaac W.
55.Fannie SPIVEY, to Isaac’s left
56.Katie SPIVEY, to Fannie’s left, the farthest right in picture.
57. *Cynthia Rebecca SPIVEY WILLIAMS, white dress, folded hands on viewer's left of picture
58.General Irvin WILLIAMS, holding hat, to Cynthia’s left
59.Henry Robert WILLIAMS, behind Cynthia
60.David Lee WiILLIAMS, to Henry’s left behind General
61.James Monroe WILLIAMS to Lee’s left and behind General
62.Lillie Eugenia WILLIAMS, to Monroe’s left
63.Mary Nancy WILLIAMS , in front of Monroe WILLIAMS
Amy Gowilla WiILLIAMS was not pictured. Four years old that summer, she reported that the sun was bright and hot and she had just darted behind Pa (General Irvin Williams) to be in his shadow for a second and at that moment the camera clicked.
64.John Henry Spivey, man in white hat, dark tie, front row. He was the son of George W. and Ann Williamson Spivey, a nephew to both James Jackson Spivey and Mary Susan Williamson Spivey, double first cousin to their children.
65.Ivan Spivey young man in straw hat behind John Henry.
66.Maggie Day Spivey, wife of John Henry and to his right
67.Erling Spivey, in front of Maggie
68.Ora Spivey, to Maggie’s right