A Newspaper Devoted to the Interests of the Town of Center.

Vol. 1                                                                    Center, Texas Wednesday, July 22, 1903                                                 No. 25

Harkrider Bros.

We can save you money on drugs, Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Cutlery and Stationary.  Also, we have a fine line of
Jewelry, and if we haven't what you want, Will make a special order
for you.
   Remember, we have the prettiest fountain in town and can give the
coldest and best drinks of any other place in town. 
Yours, to serve

Harkrider Bros.
Remember the place, in Opera House Row, on Shelbyville St.


That New

is doing the business
Meals are only 25.
Big Dishes and
Each Man
Helps Himself.
Best Hot Chili Con Carne and
Short orders served at all hours.
Knight & Wilson

District Court.

   In the case of the state vs. Benjamin, for assault to murder Pet Sharp,
the jury found him guilty of aggravated assault and fine him $50. 
   The court has been busy with the seine cases today.  Some of them
seem to be more the result of neighborhood rows than rows than anything
   Judge Simpson won't  stand for any monkey business boys. The News
tried to warn you before and you had better heed the warning this time.
   A man named Lon Crawford was before the Grand Jury late yesterday
evening, and his memory being a little bad the jury took him upstairs before
Judge Simpson.  "Why can't you answer the questions asked you? queried
the Judge.  "I can't remember," said Mr. Crawford.  "Have you ever been
tried for insanity." asked Judge Simpson.  "No sir"  "Take him to jail till his
memory improves,"  and the jail door soon closed on the young man, but
in a little while he was all right, and could remember well, so he was
   The News sized Judge Simpson up right, as soon as we saw him.  He
just naturally won't stand any foolishness around his court. 
   From the partial conversation over the phone last night overheard by a
reporter, we learned that the officers will, in all probability, bring the Negro
rape fiend Brown over to Center tonight.
   A.J. Wood & Bros. are having quite a run on shoes this week.  It is said
by many that theirs is the largest best and cheapest line of shoes in Center.
   The Sentinel of yesterdays absolutely silent about the Robert Runnels case,
not a word about it appearing in the columns.
   The Timpson Times says that the Timpson people signed Robert's bond as
long as there was room on the paper to write names.

The Daily News.
John McLendon, Editor  and Proprietor
Nellie McLendon, Associate Editor.

Subscriptions price, 35 cents a month;
10 cents a week, or $1 in advance for one year.


   The Pope of Rome is dead.
   We adhere to original opinion that Robert Runnels is innocent.
   The Galveston News hastens to assure the Center News that no
money has been received for boost the Fair exhibit. Quite unnecessary,
Dear AlFonse.  Nobody accused you of it.  Besides everybody knows
that you could not be induced to touch anything that looked like a rakes
off, anyhow.

Save Money.

   I will close at cost, for cash, all my stock of breeching, hames, collars, pads,
trace chains, halters, bridles, saddles, shot guns, cook stoves, slickers, etc.
only 1 1-2 miles out the grade.     Ed Richardson


   Suit will be brought next Saturday against all parties who subscribed to the
railroad bonus who do not pay by that time.
   There is one way to put a stop to lawlessness and that is for the juries to
do their duty.
   Call Lawson & Kile's market and examine their meats.  The best fat beef
and mutton every day of the week.


For Groceries
No. 45
Daugherty & Whitfield.,
They are the people that get there quick every time.
Honest people, who pay their debts, can always get credit at our store.

The Center School

   A reporter visited the school yesterday for the first time in several weeks
it seemed to us that there were almost as many pupils there as were present
during the regular session.  The Summer Normal and the Commercial
department are both well attended and the students are just as busy as bees.
   When we went in, Prof. day was fishing in a bottle with a piece of wire and
finally drew out the bone of a chicken---the drumstick, and was demonstr-
ating to a boy how a certain kind of acid would take all the mineral matter
from a bone and leave it soft and pliable.  After tying the bone in a bow knot
he gave it to the boy and turned to the reporter saying: "Mack, I love my work
There is a glory in doing good work, and in knowing that it is good, and I
hope to do such good work that my memory will live in the hearts of my pupils
long years after my bones have been dissolved by a natural process."  The we
fell to talking about the forthcoming catalogue for the Center High School. If
all his presents plans are carried out, it will be worth much to Center.  It is to
be printed on fine paper with illuminated cover.  The first few pages will be a
description write up of Center, past, present and future.
   Then follows the names of the School faculty, board of trustees, etc. and
then the course of study.  The book will contain fine full page half tone portraits
of many of Center's handsomest residences, and business house and will be
a work well preserving. It will contain between one and two hundred pages
and two thousand copies will be printed.
   Mr. Day will go to Houston next Sunday to arrange for the making of about
75 half tone cuts, which will be the largest order of the kind ever placed by
any school in the State.



   As announced in the News last Saturday our handsome young friend, Mr.
J.P. Wood was married at Belton, Texas, on the 16th, to Miss Loula Maffett
of Lampassas, and while his Center friends were completely surprised, he
and his bonnie bride are none the less recipients of and expressions of good
will.  Mr. and Mrs. Wood are boarding at the home of Mr. R.A. Henry, on
Shelbyville Street.
   Fine Candies. Nunnally's Fresh shipment just received. Rogers' Drug Store
   A.J. Wood & Bros. yesterday received a shipment of five hundred writing
tables embracing every kind that is made.
   Car of flour just received at Daugherty & Whitfield's.
   Little Ila McLendon is very sick today with fever.
   Ladies Fine Shoes from $1 to $2.50 at W.E.Fitze.

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