Confederate Reunion of 1910 - in Center

The Bryarly House was the setting of the Confederate Reunion held in 1910

Front Row:  Mr. Windham, J. W. Webb, Sanford T. Wilson (brother to W. P.), A. R. Chandler, Tom Cooper, Dr. Fambro, Moses S. Goodson
 and A. C. Holt.
 Second Row:  Judge Brylary, Alf Bridges, L. G. McLendon, S. R. Peacock, Judge Willis,  Y. W. Rogers, B. F. Dock Bridges.
Third Row:   Mrs. O. L. McKnight, Mrs. Panzy Bryarly, Mrs. T. c. Davis, Mrs. F. R. Fox, Lillie Sims, Mrs. Mable Wheeler, Mrs. Tennie Rushing (sister of John McCallum, Mrs. L. G. McLendon, Mrs. Lon (B. F.) Bridges and Mrs. A. C. Holt.

Identity of all pictured is not known