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Week Ending August 1, 2003
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The following was taken from Shelby County in the Civil War  by Bennie Nix and data complied by Kathryn Hooper Davis and Carolyn Reeves Ericson
  ****These are probably the unknown/unmarked/unreadable graves in the cemeteries or   these could have been missed when cemetery was transcribed.

Elizabeth Ann May, died June 23, 1913, is buried in May Cemetery, not Hooper-May Cemetery
James Starling May, died June 13, 1911, is buried in May Cemetery, not    Hooper-May Cemetery
Mary Hagler Passmore, died February 17, 1922, has been added to Antioch Cemetery
Samuel Passmore, died August 30, 1915, has been added to Antioch Cemetery
W.G. Paxton, died August, 1900, has been added to Fairview Cemetery
Elizabeth Ann Fancher Porter, died November 20/1906, has been added to Fairview Cemetery
John Potts, Sr., no dates given, has been added to Price Lone Cedar Cemetery
First name given Pullen, died ca 1884, has been added to Ramah Cemetery
Sallie E. Haden Rascoe, died September 29, 1930, has been added to Strong Cemetery
Jennie Reed, died August 25, 1929, has been added to North Jericho Cemetery
Guilford Dickson Reynolds, died March 26, 1907, has been added to Rather Cemetery
Margaret Harkness Reynolds, died February 21, 1932, has been added to Short Cemetery
William Thomas Riggs, died June 9, 1893, has been added to Fairview Cemetery
E.L. Ross (Mrs.), died February 21, 1927, has been added to Campti Cemetery
John Wesley Ross, died July 11, 1900, has been added Campti Cemetery
Martha A. Ross, died April 30, 1920, has been added to Woodlawn Cemetery
Jacob Smith, died December 14, 1882, has been added to Johnson-Fellowship Cemetery.
John W. Smith, died march 13, 1905, has been added to Rather Cemetery
Logan Love Smith, died August 14, 1884, has been added to Smith-James Cemetery
Lawrence T. Sparks, died ca 1910, has been added to Newburn Cemetery
John C. Stephens, died ca 1883, has been added to Methodist Church Cemetery
Missouri Haney Strong, died March 12, 1929, has been added to Strong Cemetery
Samuel J.Thomas, died September 3, 1929, has been added to Powdrill Cemetery
Elizabeth Elliott Thomason, died January 10, 1929, has been added to Fairview Cemetery
W.C. Turpin, died After the 1900 Census, has been added to Tyer Cemetery
Lewis Lambreth Tyre, died December 1, 1899, has been added to Tyer Cemetery
Mary Jane Tyre, died December 18, 1921, has been added to Tyer Cemetery


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Am searching for information on my grandfather, JOE ELIC BRYANT, born in Shelbyville, Shelby county, Texas 27 August, 1847. (do not know his parents names).  Joe's mother died when Joe was very young.  Joe's father left him  with one set of grandparents who took care of him until he was 11 years old, and at that age Joe set out on his own,    working in  the lumber camps of East Texas.   Joe's father remarried and had seven or eight more sons.  My first record of Joe is when he joined the Confederate Home Guard in 1864 in Pittsburg (then Upshur County), Texas.  Any assistance would be appreciated. Kenneth Bryant Cook 2


I am looking for anyone who has any information on the family of Rufus A. Sandford and his wife Joanna Jane Eaves. Thank you. Dolores Burton. 2



   Robert Lee Sigler, 66, of Longview died July 26, 2003. Burial was in Short Cemetery. born January 22, 1937, in Shelby County, he was the son of Norman Nathaniel and Ola Howard Sigler.  Mr. Sigler is survived by daughter, Tonya Bradshaw of Center and brothers and sisters, Edna Kennon of Center, Charles Sigler of Joaquin, Johnnie Whitton of Longview, Wanda Rychlik of Houston, Frances Nettles of Houston, Larry Sigler of Pearland, James Sigler of Timpson, Joann Andrews of Center, Billy Sigler of Longview and Jeff Sigler of Longview.  Mangum Funeral Home
   Harry Akin, 77, of Center died July 29, 2003 at his residence.  Burial was in Oaklawn Memorial Park. born March 29, 1926, in Palestine, he was the son of Love Harrison Akin and Annie Bell Rankin.  Mr. Akin is survived by his wife Lila Akin of Center; daughters, Tonya Bailey and Shelia Burch, both of Center, and Tammy Williams of Pineland; son, Harry Allen Akin of Houston; sister, Pauline McRight of Harlingen.  Mangum Funeral Home
   Evelyn H. Langford, 91, of Center died July 29, 2003, at Green Acres Nursing Home. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. Survivors include son Rick Langford of Kingwood.  Mangum Funeral Home

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