Dillard Gilbert Brook, Jr and Lizzie Oleta Fairris married 7/18/1937 Mansfield, DeSoto, Texas.  Lizzie went to school in Joaquin, Texas.  She was the daughter of Eddie Luther Fairris (Farris) and Mary Jane Daugherty. Dillard was the son of Dillard Gilbert Brook, Sr and Leona Cline Giles. 
Eddie Luther was born 1885 in Shelby County, Texas to William Hamilton and Sara Elizabeth Perkins Farris.
Mary Jane Daugherty was born 1887 to Joseph Samuel and Sarah Elizabeth Davis Daugherty.
These families lived in and around Shelby County for a number of years.



Leona Cline Giles Brook and Dillard Gilbert Brook, Sr about 1912



Dillard Gilbert Brook, Jr son of Leona Cline Giles and Dillard Giblert Brook, Sr. Husband of Lizzie Oleta Fairris (Farris) about 1915, age 2.




Lizzie Oleta Fairris Brook wrote her family history in the bible gifted her by her then husband Dillard Gilbert Brook. Jr. Most use the spelling of Farris, however the bible has Fairris. I could not get a good scan. Here is a translation of the bible:

Family Register

Marriage: July 18, 1937 Mansfield, La

Husband: D G Brook, Jr birth Nov 28, 1913 Tree City, La

Wife: Lizzie Oleta Fairris birth Oct 20, 1917 Logansport, La

Children are listed, however they are living so I will not list them.

Father's Family Tree

Father's Name: Dillard Gilbert Brook, Jr

His brothers (blank)

His Sisters: Martha Ann, Ruth Evelyn, Ollie

His Father: Dillard Gilbert Brook

His brothers: Wiliie Brook, Clem, Preston, Dorwood

His Sisters: Ettie

His Father (Dillard Gilbert, Sr's): Billie Brook

His mother (Dillard, Sr's): Martha Hosey

His Mother: Leona Giles

Her sister (Leona's): Lola

Her Father: (Leona's) Benjamin F Giles

No siblings for Benjamin listed

Her Mother: (Leona's) Della Fisher

Her Brothers (Della) : Joe, Oscar

Her Sisters: Zenna, Nora, Vergia


Lizzie Oleta Fairris

Her Brothers: Thomas, William

Her Sisters: Bertie Lee

Her Father (Lizzie's) Eddie Luther Fairris

His (Eddie's) Brothers Archie, Hamilton, Asia, Elzie

His (Eddie's) Sisters: Belle

Her Mother: Mary Jane Daugherty

Her Brothers: Jim, Davis, Sam

Her Sisters: Ida, Cynthia, Lizzie, Ginny

Father of Mary Jane Daugherty: Joe Daugherty


Transcribed bible record of Lizzie Oleta Brook's bible presented to her by husband Dillard Gilbert Brook, Jr.