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Hello from Center Shelby County, Texas.

My name is Leonard Irish.  Being a descendent  from the Irish, I have put together some of the information I have on my ancestors--I hope you will find it interesting and if you can add to its line, please free to drop an email.






2003 Wheeler-Irish Reunion


Texas Ranger Memorial for Joel Robert (Bob) Wheeler


2006 Irish Reunion Pictures



The early ancestors of the IRISH family are believed to be French "Norman", the name originally being D'Ireys.   The family moved to Germany, where the "D" was dropped, leaving the name IREYS.  During the German wars, about  the year 900, the Ireys family moved to England. The family was living in England before the Norman conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066. Here  they had established themselves at Ireys, the family seat, in Dorset County, England.  The name was changed to IRYSHE, and one of the members of the family became Sheriff of London, holding that office for nine years.  From about the year 1100 through the 1600 the name IRISH has been recorded as IREYS, D'IRYSHE, IRYSHE, IRISHE and IRISH.  The first arrival of the IRISH ancestors in America was a JOHN IRISH for which generations of today can be traced.

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Red1.gif (1928 bytes)JOHN IRISH - 1600 - 1677

Red1.gif (1928 bytes)JOHN IRISH, JR. 1641 - 1717

Red1.gif (1928 bytes)JOHN IRISH,III 1699 - 1773

Red1.gif (1928 bytes)ICHABOD IRISH 1740 - 1815
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)CORNELIUS BAILEY IRISH 1782 - ????
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)MILTON IRISH 1812 - ca 1869
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)BENJAMIN MILAM IRISH 1844 -1918
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)CHARLEY ROE IRISH 1877 - 1966
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)CHARLES ELROY IRISH 1907 - 1978
Red1.gif (1928 bytes)LEONARD BAILEY IRISH 1938 -



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Acknowledgement is given to Willis Luther Irish and Stella Bertha (Putnam) Irish for data in their work "Descendants of John Irish, The Immigrant, 1629 - 1963 and Allied Families"