Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1994.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.   
Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Aikman, Lee 07-19-1933 09-30-1994 John Ivey Scott/Tx  Lillie Bell Smith/Miss Albert          Sec.Prob.Off. Oaklawn Dallas, Texas
Aleman, Sarah Diane 12-15-1944 07-15-1994 Clarence Howard    Jo Samford Victor      Housewife New Hope Center, Texas
Almokary, Melba Lucille 04-08-1923 08-01-1994 Elmer Cox            Anna L. Larmon -           Housewife Ramah Oklahoma
Alonso, Juan Carlos Sanchez 10-16-1969 03-07-1994 Jose G. Sanchez/Mex Maria Alonsode/Mex Tina        Painter San Luis Potosi San Luis Potosi, Mex.
Armstreet, Charlie S. 09-22-1927 06-06-1994 John J. Armstreet/Tx Annie Cockrell/Tx -                Cast Metals Jackson Joaquin, Texas
Askew, Lillian C. 10-12-1919 07-21-1994 Tollee R. Campbell Lela Bell Carlton Homa      Housewife Good Hope Center, Texas
Bailey, Dick Hermon 01-26-1931 05-04-1994 J. C. Bailey           Lona Bailey Lola           Logger Neuville Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Dorothy Laverne (Dod) 06-18-1933 10-01-1994 Allen Nichols, Sr./Tx Willie G. Peace/Tx -        Bookkeeper West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Ballard, Ronald Ray 07-17-1958 11-06-1994 Billy E. Ballard      Dorothy V. Baugh Donna      Tyson Maint. Oaklawn Port Arthur, Texas
Bardwell, Ardella Haywood 02-08-1920 05-06-1994 J. W. Haywood    Stella Adkison -           Housewife Blair Timpson, Texas
Barnett, Oliver Leland 11-14-1964 10-02-1994 Oliver W. Barnett/La  Vannie R. Metcalf/Tx -              Maintenance Strong Carthage, Texas
Barton, Leo 07-28-1908 09-28-1994 Willie E. Barton   Emma Barton - Sardis Shelby County Tx
Bell, James Arthur 07-13-1931 04-27-1994 Arthur Bell             Ruby Cain Sue             Maint. Superv Short Shelby County Tx
Belrose, Cecil Emmitt 01-01-1901 03-19-1994 Caleb Belrose      Victoria Porter -              Farmer Sardis Shelby County Tx
Berry, Mildred Elaine Smith 09-04-1912 06-21-1994 Ed C. Smith          Virgie Singletary -           Ret.Librarian Fairview Shelby County Tx
Black, Joe A. 09-05-1906 04-26-1994 Robert Black       Elizabeth Smith Pauline     Heavy Equip Old Tenaha Shelby County Tx
Bolton, Ruby Porter 08-17-1928 06-20-1994 John Porter            Velma English William     Homemaker Sardis Shelby County Tx
Boyett, Hoye 01-11-1919 05-07-1994 - Margie Nell    - McClelland -
Bradshaw, Elton Pearl 08-12-1902 01-19-1994 John Bradshaw      Cindy Williams -         Ret.Farmer Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Bradshaw, Essie Vera 03-08-1911 08-23-1994 Sam H. Gunnels    Betty Jane Eaves -           Homemaker Short Shelby County Tx
Bradshaw, Marvin Adam 02-01-1908 10-25-1994 Benjamin Bradshaw Clementine Williams Beatrice     Ret.Trucker Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Brittain, Rachel 01-05-1919 06-01-1994 Dalton Childs        Mellie Bogard -            Housewife Folsom Chapel Shelby County Tx
Brooks, Zee Preston 09-05-1912 02-15-1994 Edwin P. Brooks   Ester L. Gantenbein Jewell        Supt.MobilOil Oaklawn Longview, Texas
Buckner, Viva Lee Eaves 02-18-1918 10-19-1994 Walter D. Eaves   Desie Estes -        Homemaker Spann's Chapel Shelby County Tx
Bush, Bura Lee Courtney 09-25-1910 01-09-1994 Henry B. Courtney  Martha J. Palvadore -               Nurse's Aide Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Bush, James Bradford 06-04-1968 11-22-1994 Douglas Bush             Doris Hinton -                 Floor Tile Ins. Oaklawn Ft. Worth, Texas
Bush, Lylie Renee 09-27-1994 10-09-1994 Kyle Bush             Carla Ramsey Child Mt. Herman Houston, Texas
Butler, Caren Ann 1960       09-29-1994 Joe Davis Foster   Mary Edith Harris Jeff               Raise Horses New Hope Center, Texas
Campbell, Alma L. 08-20-1911 03-25-1994 C. H. Houston      Willie Dean R. L.       Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Campbell, Thomas L. (Shorty) 04-15-1917 05-23-1994 Marvin Campbell   Maybell Barlow Mable        State Ag. Dep Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Campos, Emiedio Salazar 11-02-1964 05-02-1994 Juan C. J. Salazar/Mx Juana Salazar/Mex. -                 Farm Worker Reforma, Mexico Ciudad Ferdandez,M
Cannon, James Christoper 03-13-1966 12-21-1994 Jackie N. Cannon    Jo Ann Howard -               Rest.Mgr. Oaklawn Center, Texas
Carlisle, William Paul 03-12-1915 10-20-1994 Willie O. Carlisle    Elizabeth Pendergrass Sarah        Const. Owner Oaklawn Onalaska, Texas
Cassell, Sarah Azelee 01-27-1893 01-08-1994 Willie Furlow      Maggie Roberts -             Housewife Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Cassidy, Claude E. 11-19-1911 01-20-1994 William Cassidy     Lena Roark Lera          Chem.Lab.Sp Tennessee Dodge, Texas
Chambliss, Harley Blake 05-11-1994 05-11-1994 Joseph M Chambliss Christina Nipper Child Smith Henderson, Texas
Chandler, Ruby Vaselena 10-13-1927 04-15-1994 Noah Fults          Modenia Byrd Joe         Homemaker Powdrill Fisher, Louisiana
Christian, Irene E. 06-01-1896 02-09-1994 Charlie Brown       Mary Bowers -           Housewife Union Pefuniak Springs, Fla
Cobb, William Rufus 05-25-1901 10-14-1994 William Cobb       Lula Sims -              Machinist Ramah Shelby County Tx
Coe, Bertha 07-13-1905 09-09-1994 William W. Boozer  Octavia Metz -            Homemaker Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Conway, Charles Otis 04-01-1946 11-20-1994 Joe Conway          Marjorie Porter -           Carpenter Sardis Center, Texas
Conway, Tom Everett 06-09-1909 03-27-1994 Henry Conway      Florence Faircloth Reba         Farmer Restland Timpson, Texas
Cox, Frances Elizabeth 07-04-1911 02-02-1994 John W. Jones       Mary Burns -              Homemaker Smith Shelby County Tx
Cox, Peggy Ann 06-26-1931 01-22-1994 R. L. Burns           Sally Cogswell Robert      Homemaker Antioch Shelby County Tx
Cranford, Mary Ann McGee Edison 08-26-1911 11-10-1994 Robert M. McGee Ressie Truitt -           Homemaker Mt. Herman Joaquin, Texas
Cravey, Robert Herman 04-22-1911 12-07-1994 Nathan Cravey     Alice Blume -               Elect.Const. Oaklawn Breckenridge, Texas
Crawford, Earl Henry 07-11-1939 09-05-1994 Henery E. Crawford Earlene Patterson Dianne       Sales Mgt. Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Cruise, Jackie D. 09-17-1936 03-11-1994 John Cruse            Stella Tyler -                State of Texas Holly Springs Shelby County Tx
Davis, Grace Estelle Doggett 03-03-1910 08-21-1994 Charlie B. Doggett  Mary E. Howard -            Homemaker Fairview Shelby County Tx
Davis, James Homer 06-01-1905 07-29-1994 Marvin Davis        Maybell Willoughby -               Farmer Sardis Shelby County Tx
Davis, Minnie L 10-17-1894 12-17-1994 Bob Kyle              Sarah Morris -             Housewife Old Center Panola County Tx
Dean, Hessie 08-30-1934 08-26-1994 George M. Shelton  Nettie Jeans Bob       Housewife Strong Shelby County Tx
Dearing, Lessie Mae Chandler 07-26-1916 02-06-1994 Benjamin Chandler Ollie Brown Phillip Lee   Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Doggett, Cecil Maurice 04-07-1921 11-24-1994 Charlie Doggett    Elizabeth Howard Barbara   Ret.Salesman Shelbyville Joaquin, Texas
Duncan, Florence E. 06-21-1910 05-11-1994 Tom F. Weathersby Dosie Nelson -             Housewife Duncan Shelby County Tx
Dyess, Joseph Henry 05-16-1916 04-23-1994 Joshua C. Dyess/La  Nancy Litton/La Colleen     Butcher Brooklyn Pleasant Hill, Louisiana
Eaves, Bobby Joe 10-18-1929 01-07-1994 Gene Eaves/Tx      Ola Amburn/Tx -              Heavy Equip. Restland Keatchie, Louisiana
Eaves, Sam H. 01-30-1907 10-16-1994 Walter Eaves       Desie Estes Lessie       Rancher Spann's Chapel Shelby County Tx
Eddins, Nonie E. 09-05-1891 03-22-1994 Lee Wiggins           Hatie Palmer -            Housewife East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Emanuel, Sam Welton 09-30-1924 08-23-1994 Sam Emanuel            Ena Hiroms Edna         Ret.Farmer Mt. Pleasant Goodrich, Texas
English, Bernice Payne 01-27-1919 02-17-1994 Hilliard Payne          Lillie Metcalf Lynn     Housewife Latham Shelby County Tx
Enmon, Nancy D. 11-27-1899 06-12-1994 Jim Brittain            Buckley -              Housewife Clever Creek Shelby County Tx
Eppler, Andrew Theodore 12-05-1946 12-15-1994 Jack Eppler          Pauline LaValle Theresa Ann  Truck Driver Restland Flint, Michigan
Faulk, Lucille Mayes 02-13-1914 10-04-1994 George Mayes          Ida Cordova -            Housewife Oaklawn Louisiana
Finch, Drema Chree 10-21-1963 03-04-1994 Waline Mott/Tx    Verna Hitt/Tx -                Reservationist Oaklawn Crockett, Texas
Fountain, Jana Marlette Jones 03-11-1953 12-15-1994 Billy Frank Jones    Billie Jo Fountain Jackie Lee   Homemaker Cremation Shelby County Tx
Frazier, Theos E. 04-19-1919 05-19-1994 Leon Frazier            Ollie Williamson Nellie Marie Ret.Captain Pleasant Grove Rustin, Louisiana
Frost, Raymond 09-05-1926 10-27-1994 Walter Frost          Jewel Evelyn Palmer Rosemary   Ret.Carpenter Joaquin Otta, Oak.
Furlow, Milton Oris 02-15-1935 05-12-1994 Emmit Furlow/Tx      Lavell Dean/Tx Helen        Huxley Maint. Strong Huxley, Texas
Gamble, Jamie Lynn Campbell 05-25-1951 06-30-1994 James Campbell    Mona Jones Stephen H. Teacher Oaklawn Center, Texas
Gee, Alfred Travis 08-17-1917 03-17-1994 Ernest Gee            Mable C. Johnston Beverly     Paint Cont. - Rockdale, Texas
Golden, Odis Brown 09-25-1926 07-03-1994 Tom Golden       Henrietta Lou Dicie -             Ret.Custodian Old Center San Aug. County Tx
Gordon, Gladys Lurlene 03-03-1909 06-18-1994 James S. Swan      Sarah Nona Price -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Graves, Billy Bruce 02-13-1920 04-22-1994 Tom Graves            Myra Rowe -                Serv.St.Oper. Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Graves, Lucille 12-22-1912 07-25-1994 John Fitzgerald   Gertrude Dry -           Housewife Short Shelby County Tx
Haight, Lottie M. 05-06-1923 12-30-1993 William McCullen  Eunora Cowan -        Housewife Old Home Hugo, Oklahoma
Harris, George Thomas, Sr. 05-15-1941 06-12-1994 J. T. Harris, Jr.(Babe) Paula Satterwhite Ludie Eva  Ret.Dispatch New Hope Shelby County Tx
Hart, Clifford Eldred 08-22-1929 08-26-1994 Eldred W. Hart     Violet Archbell Mary Lee   Ret.V.P. LeT Strong Marshall, Texas
Hatton, Lem A. 05-06-1915 05-27-1994 Daniel Hatton          Susie McRae Lutishia     Rancher Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Hayes, James Zebulon 10-24-1920 12-10-1994 S. B. Hayes          Robbie Lazenby -              Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Center, Texas
Hendricks, Elizabeth Yvette 09-07-1965 10-08-1994 Jackson Peters      Janice Bubose Shannon       H&R Block Strong Dayton, Texas
Henry, Ester D. 03-15-1906 08-16-1994 Frank Whisenhunt  Carie Yarborough -             Housewife Oaklawn Arkansas
Henry, James Wyley 03-03-1901 06-25-1994 - Ester       Truck Driver Oaklawn Dennison, Texas
Hitt, Lorene Lear 11-19-1929 09-28-1994 K. D. Spencer    Odessa Lear Walter J.   Homemaker Oaklawn Harris County Texas
Hogan, Alta Mae 10-09-1932 07-28-1994 Luther Galloway    Ozelle Roland Phillip       Serv.Clerk Shover Springs Hope, Arkansas
Holcomb, Georgia Mae 02-09-1930 12-04-1994 John Cruse           Stella Tyler Charles      Secretary Oaklawn Shreveport, Louisiana
Hooper, Charlie G. 03-31-1911 07-26-1994 Jesse J. Hooper      Ada Josephine Byrd Ethel         Farmer Old Sardis Shelby County Tx
Howard, Margarett 11-27-1909 06-21-1994 John R. Lawson      Eva Lena Watson Joe           Ret.Groc.On Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Mary Rebecca 06-08-1898 01-11-1994 Lawson Keith       Annie Lansford -         Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Hutto, Bennie Alice 12-26-1920 06-21-1994 Tom W. Crawford  Bessie E Scott -             Housewife Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Ingham, Myrtle 03-19-1921 10-19-1994 Elmer Sumner/Ark    Ethel Cox/Tx -             Kitchen Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Jacobs, Azee Gann 08-12-1911 03-19-1994 Marion Gann/Tx     Minnie Monroe/Tx -             Homemaker West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Jacobs, Donnie J. 07-27-1956 05-25-1994 W. G. Jacobs/Tx   Francis M. Primrose -                Waitress New Hope Bellville, Texas
Jamison, Sallie Wayne 01-26-1911 08-08-1994 W. O. Shofner     Sallie Brittain -               Teacher Rather Shelby County Tx
January, Reba Vaudine 06-24-1917 08-13-1994 Lonnie January     Emmitt Peace -               Salesperson Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Jimenez, Miguel 05-20-1974 04-17-1994 Placido Jimenez    Carmen Martinez -              Loborer Sabino, Mexico Sabino GTO, Mexico
Jones, Oscar Alvin, Sr. 06-06-1919 04-11-1994 Hershel Jones        Dora Jones Wilda      Truck Driver Memorial Gardens Lucas, Ohio
Jordan, Nora 09-17-1907 01-18-1994 Rile Carpenter     Emma Hanks -         Homemaker White Rock Shelby County Tx
Kay, Ruth 05-31-1911 05-17-1994 Ben Fleming           Ranie A. Vaughn -             Homemaker Strong Shelby County Tx
Kirk, Luther Roy 12-02-1913 01-23-1994 William Kirk        Renie Rape Susie        Metal Const. Cold Springs Texas
LaGrone, Marcy C. 05-03-1913 01-09-1994 J. Armstead LaGrone Nora T. Tolar Mildred      Ret.Oil Field Garden of Memories Louisiana
Lamkin, Oscar Pierce 01-15-1905 01-02-1994 Columbus W. Lamkin Katrie C. Brown -                 Ret.Oil Field Sandhill Lincoln Parish Louisiana
Lane, Ara Yvonne 12-08-1914 02-24-1994 Emitt Roberts           Irene Bowlin -         Housewife Old Tennessee Tenaha, Texas
Lansford, Agness L. 01-01-1912 03-12-1994 Frank Carlton       Molly Ferrell -                 Nurse Libby Nacog. County, Tx
Lawson, Thomas B. 04-21-1912 05-07-1994 Thomas B. Lawson Auga Hanson/Wash. Barbara     Rancher Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lock, Willie 08-02-1924 06-12-1994 Ralph Ballard       Jessie Shofner Elzie         Housewife North Jericho Center, Texas
Lout, Cheri Mary 03-10-1951 06-23-1994 Virgil Cearon           Inez Frazier Bobby     Homemaker Oaklawn Talihina, Oklahoma
Lout, Jewel Maxie 03-21-1917 01-04-1994 Jewell R. Lout      Minnie May Gryden -                Driller Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lout, Willie Pinckney 06-20-1911 10-10-1994 Oscar A. Lout      Amanda Lindsey Avis           Ret.Barber Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lovett, Ruby 10-14-1914 05-28-1994 Bob Goodwin       Beulah Jordan Tracy     Housewife Good Hope Shelby County Tx
Luman, Jesse Lee 06-30-1903 03-29-1994 Joe Luman             Emma Dickson -              Farmer Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Lynch, Lula M. 12-21-1904 03-19-1994 Henry Cooper      Alma Cook -         Housekeeper White Rock Shelby County Tx
Mancil, Noel 09-18-1904 03-26-1994 William J. Mancil   Aola Hudspeth -              Farmer Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Martin, Edith LaMerle 06-01-1920 04-24-1994 Charlie Christian   Ethel Whittlesey -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Martin, Judson David 06-20-1918 08-21-1994 Walter Martin          Ella E. Chandler -              Ret.Military Oaklawn Pineland, Texas
Masterson, Lewis H. 02-11-1930 01-23-1994 Earle Masterson     Louise Stubblefield -             Ret.Cont. Scatter Acres, Ca Kentucky
McCrary, Letcher Lee 11-07-1912 07-20-1994 H. L. McCrary           - -              Laborer Ramah Mt. Enterprise, Tx
McDaniel, Buster Cleveland 03-09-1909 03-28-1994 Robert Lee             Callie Griffin Corene      Ret.Electrician Jackson Zwolle, Louisiana
McDonald, Randy Michael 01-16-1959 02-02-1994 Robert McDonald  Shirley Vines -              Prison Guard Ramah Center, Texas
McKee, Evelyn 06-06-1913 07-31-1994 Frank E. Stanley      Janett Clark Joe B. McKee Wimberly Merkel, Texas
McMahon, Olen Eugene 01-21-1925 10-05-1994 Angus E. McMahon Sarah Brittain -              Ret.Logger McMahon Shelby County Tx
Melder, George Lawrence 01-20-1920 10-05-1994 John G. Melder     Ora Stewart -              Div.Mgr. Linden Louisiana
Mena, Florene 02-16-1924 04-29-1994 William Barton       Emma Barton -              Homemaker Oaklawn
Moody, Robert Washington 05-01-1898 01-13-1994 Acie Moody        Serena Sanford Louise      Ret.Grocery Asbury Chapel Shelby County Tx
Morgan, Grace 07-31-1911 11-13-1994 Hardy Wilkins       Eula Samford -            Housewife Oaklawn Center, Texas
Mosby, Billy Luke 09-29-1932 06-02-1994 Gaines Mosby       Nancy Ballard -            Chem.Eng. Oaklawn Center, Texas
Nail, Hazel Doris 05-07-1918 08-11-1994 John Sowell          Lottie Colley -             Homemaker Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Nichols, Betty Ann 03-06-1924 04-03-1994 Dick Waldrof            Ella Asforia -               Housewife East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Oates, Nannie Hill 07-22-1920 07-10-1994 Jesse Hooper       Dollie Crawford -           Ret.Teacher Ramah Paxton, Texas
O'Banion, Mozelle Cross 08-14-1911 01-16-1994 A. G. Cross            Betty Norman -                 Retired Ramah Shelby County Tx
O'Neal, Charles Ray (Charlie) 02-16-1935 09-20-1994 Henry O'Neal       Bernice O'Neal - Oaklawn Center, Texas
Palmer, P. G. 06-16-1914 10-31-1994 Walter B. Palmer    Myrtie Latham Ann          Rancher/Weld East Hamilton Shelbyville, Texas
Parker, Ben Perry (Pep) 07-14-1923 08-27-1994 Hunter C. Parker     Nora Smith Dorothy      Ret.Hosp.Am Restland Tenaha, Texas
Parker, Clayton 06-12-1915 10-06-1994 Charles C. Parker  Alpha Oliver Lucille         Bus Driver Restland Shelby County Tx
Patterson, Buford 04-07-1922 12-29-1994 Lee Patterson       Annie Leasor -               Truck Driver New Hope Shelby County Tx
Payne, Kate O. 06-07-1904 02-12-1994 A. N. Dellinger/NC Mary A. Boatright/Ar -             Housewife Oaklawn Arkansas
Phillips, Ethel I 03-07-1903 12-04-1994 Henry Moore/Tx    Frances Cravey/Tx -            Housewife Carroll Shelby County Tx
Pipins, Gabriel Walter 03-25-1914 04-22-1994 Robert Pipins       Nancy Reifler - East Hamilton Houston, Texas
Porter, Dorothy P. 07-26-1922 03-06-1994 C. A. Lane            Laura Mosley John           Housewife Folsum Chapel Garden City, Texas
Porter, James Grover 12-21-1944 03-12-1994 Winas Porter       Peggy Watson Edie            Elect.Engineer Pleasant Grove Center, Texas
Porter, Janie Marie 10-05-1911 12-13-1994 - J. C.               - Brittain Center, Texas
Purvis, Josie Catherine 01-13-1919 10-29-1994 Otto Wood             Iva P. Walker -                 Ret.Teacher Truitt Shelby County Tx
Raimond, Annie Jeanette 03-24-1938 10-28-1994 Bill Moore           Pearl L. Anderson -           Housewife Cassell Shelby County Tx
Raines, Minnie B. Faulk 03-06-1904 03-17-1994 James Wilson       Lillie Worsham -             Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Rains, Annie A. 02-19-1917 06-24-1994 Wesley E. Chandler Mary E. Lovelady Elmo       Homemaker White Rock Shelby County Tx
Rains, Viola J. 04-15-1904 06-28-1994 W. H. Jones/Tx        Amy Fee/Tx -            Saleslady New Hope Newton County Tx
Ramsey, Henry Grady (Bud) 08-20-1919 01-26-1994 William P. Ramsey   Minnie Holt Wanda     Insurance Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Rapean, Donald R. 09-29-1921 05-04-1994 Arthur Rapean    Myrtle Wilson -                    Fact. Mach. Cedarville Dokata, Illinois
Reddle, Allen Oscar 04-21-1918 02-09-1994 Allen O. Riddle, Sr.  Sarah Alma Lakey - Memorial Park Mountain Home, Ark.
Reineke, Herta Helene 11-29-1948 11-14-1994 Franz Johann Lanzerits               Helene Maria Harley      Housewife Cremation Vienna, Austria
Reno, William Bryant 11-09-1906 06-26-1994 Tom Reno            Finnie Williams -               Logger Oaklawn Cherokee County Tx
Roberson, Cavie Cora Risinger 02-16-1923 06-02-1994 Jim Risinger            Cora Wilburn Bruce       Homemaker West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Ross, Paula 09-10-1929 06-07-1994 Lewis Ross            Addie Swindell -                Bus.Mgr. Fairview Center, Texas
Russell, Eva A. 01-26-1906 11-17-1994 Dr. T. V. Williams  Venorah Redden -   White Rock Shelby County Tx
Samford, Wayland E. 03-30-1913 04-10-1994 Mat Samford       Kate Dry Virginia      Texaco Asbury Chapel Stockman, Texas
Scates, Alton J. 10-10-1904 02-12-1994 C. E. Scates           Kitty Story -                 Pipe Fitter Shiloh Shelby County Tx
Schillings, Juanita Ethelyn 04-28-1906 03-03-1994 Dr. J. E. Gault/Ala   Lucy Mitchell/Ala -                Teacher Fairview Mississippi
Scott, William J. (Bill) 04-15-1913 09-18-1994 J. M. Scott            Dollie Mitchell Ola             Ret.Farmer Old Salem Shelby County Tx
Scriven, Audra Mae 07-26-1905 07-07-1994 Samuel R. Moore  Jane Reneau -           Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Dandridge, Tennessee
Sells, Osbie Arvel 06-03-1910 11-29-1994 John Newton Sells Maude Parrott Ret.MillWr. Willow Grove Johnson County Tx
Shipp, Arah Hooper 09-07-1910 02-23-1994 Robert L. Hooper   Anna Lout -             Housewife Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Shore, Marion Ennis (Mary) 12-30-1916 04-14-1994 John E. Ennis/Ct     Effie Warner/Ct -             Homemaker Oaklawn Hartford, Connecticut
Shull, Annie Ruth 05-19-1909 01-17-1994 Will Tamplin              Ellen Smith -                Nursing Strong Shelby County Tx
Smith, Carol J. (Tyndell) 05-23-1935 08-01-1994 Fred Lee Tyndell/Tx Ruth Thames/Tx Robert F.    Teacher Restland Red River County Tx
Smith, Elvin Hollis 01-01-1911 08-16-1994 Charles Smith      Ethel Reasonover -      Ret.Upholstry White Rock Shelby County Tx
Smith, Gladys Beatrice 11-01-1919 04-13-1994 Bryan McCallum, Sr. Beatrice Martin -           Homemaker Fairview Shelby County Tx
Smith, Hellie 10-04-1899 09-10-1994 Ben Jeans             Sallie Mitchell -         Homemaker Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Snider, G. W. "Pete" 06-15-1936 05-02-1994 George W. Snider,Sr. Ida Mae Latham Sylvia          Ret.Maint. Pleasant Hill Shelby County Tx
Spratley, Della Mae 09-24-1914 06-07-1994 Thomas W. Bass    Vinnie Sanford -            Homemaker Wimberly Sand Hill, Texas
Spurlock, Essie Emily 08-13-1903 10-06-1994 Thomas Jones      Kathrine Fomby -            Housewife Antioch Shelby County Tx
Stuart, John Edmondsom 11-22-1915 09-27-1994 John Stuart               Eva Robison Marie        Carpenter Old Tennessee Grimes County Tx
Swanzy, James F. 04-20-1918 08-16-1994 Lee Swanzy           Vera Alford Merle     Pur.Agent Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Taylor, Hazel Bell 12-08-1911 05-19-1994 Arthur A. Bell     Lottie Cochran -         Homemaker Greenwood Mem. Park Glenmore, Louisiana
Taylor, James Earl 05-03-1910 08-07-1994 James H. Taylor     Nettie Golden Iris             Sheet Metal, West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Walker, Johnnie Burt 06-07-1922 09-05-1994 Burt Walker/Tx     Elve Bush/Tx -      G.E.Salesman Restland Shelby County Tx
Waller, Luna Elizabeth 10-28-1916 09-02-1994 Lee McSwain      Ethel Warr -              Homemaker Neuville Shelby County Tx
Wardell, Dale Allen 09-22-1958 09-15-1994 Arnold H. Wardell  Jimmie Faye Black - Oaklawn Shreveport, Louisian
Warr, Noah Velt 08-23-1925 09-21-1994 Earnest Warr       Liddie Luman Joyce       Truck Driver Old Salem Center, Texas
Warrell, Doris W. 06-18-1910 02-04-1994 Lou McCray      Mellisia Samford -         Homemaker Pine Ridge Shelby County Tx
Watson, Kenneth Nason 09-20-1936 05-07-1994 Joseph N. Watson  Bonnie Faulk Bettie     Electrician Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Weaver, Paul Bryan 01-28-1908 11-22-1994 Vernon Weaver/Tx  Annie B. Dillon Sue Nell    Insurance Fairview Shelby County Tx
Webb, Lowell 11-17-1912 05-21-1994 John Webb/Tx        Melissa Prince/Tx Essie        Ret.Maint. Restland Shelby County Tx
Wilburn, Earl 09-17-1911 10-21-1994 Bud Wilburn       Bertie -             Ret.Farmer Jackson Shelby County Tx
Williams, John Allen 02-25-1963 10-20-1994 J. W. Williams/Tx     Veta McCann/Tx -                 X-Ray Tech. Jackson Houston, Texas
Williamson, Joe H. 02-10-1911 10-09-1994 John H. Williamson  Nannie Fountain Lillie Mae Mechanic Martinsville Nacog. County Tx
Williford, Dwain Edwin 01-21-1974 04-10-1994 Robert J. Williford  Diann Ross -           Pipefitter Help Oaklawn Baytown, Texas
Wilson, Francis 03-20-1916 05-04-1994 Robert L. Wilson  Nephus Lloyd Cyrina     Merch.Seam. Greenlawn Mem. Park Sumpter,       S.C.
Windham, Annie Lucille 04-24-1928 12-07-1994 George Williams    Venar Bailey Dan        Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Winningham, Edith 10-18-1906 01-22-1994 Forrest Emery       Etta Smith -             Housewife Fairview Kansas
Wise, Bobby Ray, Sr. 08-28-1947 08-03-1994 Bill Wise/Tx          Evelyn Bates/Tx Anita        Millwright Jackson Shelby County Tx
Wood, Florence (Maybelle) 05-11-1916 10-30-1994 George Steven Gray Millie Oliver Boyce        Homemaker Enterprise San Aug. County Tx
Worsham, Mamie Evelyn 11-04-1902 01-22-1994 Robert Stone, Sr./Tn Emaline Truitt/Tx -          Worsham Gro Jackson Joaquin, Texas
Wright, Dollie Lucille 09-18-1917 04-24-1994 Richard Anthony/La Louannie Lansford/Tx -           Homemaker Campti Shelby County Tx
Yates, John Nathan 03-21-1976 10-09-1994 Jackie Glenn Yates  Rebecca Floyd -              Student Shelbyville San Aug. Texas