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San Augustine, Texas December 18, 1841

Col. K. L. Anderson
Austin, Texas

Dear Sir:

        Circumstances which have lately transpired I hope will plead a sufficient apology, for me for thus troubling you. I am now a resident of San Augustine but a few days ago was in the peaceable enjoyment of my home and family, and a proscribed citizen of Shelby. A frank and independent expression of my opinion against the principle of Regulating has called forth the maligning of that corps – and I have been compelled for security to come to this place. The abandonment of my property is but a small consideration compared to the insult and indignities offered to the feelings of my family. You are apprised (without my troubling you with a detail) of the instance of the suit in relation to those (?) negroes that have lately been taken from me by a Band of Ruffians numbering 13, and carried off. Instigated by profit and a wish to gratify a prejudice got up against me by one or two in this place. I, with much difficulty, got off with my life. The dangers of the Regulating policy are just beginning to dawn and if some speedy enactment of Laws to suppress it are not made, I much fear it will enter itself into this county. Caufield has been visited by a party and he is now threatened that his office shall be burned for publishing some pieces against them. Miss Hewett and Robert have wrote to their party to desist from Regulating until Congress adjourns. Will you do me a favor to take some steps in the matter such as you think will secure as in the enjoyment of our rights as citizens of a free county. Your family are well? No news. Let me hear from you.

Your friend

/S/   N. B. Garner

NB – My respects to Genl. Houston and Lady.