Caraway Funeral Home  - Logansport Louisiana

    Caraway Funeral Home, Logansport, Louisiana, had been in the funeral business since it's beginning in 1897.  For many years the Casket Room and Undertaking Parlor was located in the warehouse, which was next to the Sabine River, in Louisiana,  just across the Texas border.  The Caraway hardware and clothing is now located at this location.  A new funeral home was built and moved to the present location ca 1937.
    In later years, probably in the 1970's, the funeral home was sold to Rose-Neath and the name was changed to Caraway Rose-Neath.  Later the Caraway Name was dropped and today it is Rose-Neath.
    During the early years, 1920-1940, most of the funerals for the residents of Joaquin and other smaller communities on the Texas side of the Sabine River, were under the direction of Caraway Funeral Home.  Caraway's being closer and easier than using the funeral homes in Shelby County. 
    The burial records of persons buried in Shelby County Cemeteries have been transcribed from the Caraway Burial Records.  Presently the records for 1935 thru 1951 and 1960 thru 1983 have been located.  

     For the ease of loading and viewing these files, they have been made available by the year of record and alphabetic with the years.      


1940   1950-1951   1960   1970 1980-1983

Special thanks to Betty Wilburn for her assistance in obtaining these records.  Also thanks to Bob Cowan and Denson Hall for providing these records for transcription.