Allen Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Information provided by Christine Howard, January, 2000.

Transcribed by Debbie Askew, Leonard Irish & Joe Dauchy, April 7, 2001


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The cemetery is on private property in the Patroon area.   The cemetery is completely overgrown with underbrush and is abandoned.  Part of the cemetery is surrounded by an iron fence, but most of the fence is torn down and missing.  The cemetery is completely overgrown with trees and underbrush and abandoned.  There are about 4 unknown graves in the area.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
J. W. Allen 04/24/1823 01/10/1896 -
R. C. Allen 07/10/1866 09/04/1890 Son of J. W. Allen
Annie Mae Eddins 08/22/1907 07/22/1908 Dau of W. H. & Adelia Eddins
Infant Eddins 07/22/1897 08/26/1897 Son of W. H. & Adelia Eddins
Vera Cain 06/25/1903 12/09/1903 Dau of J. B. & A. Cain
Unknown - - Marked with concrete marker.