Barlow Family Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Transcribed by Leonard Irish March 18, 2000

  The Cemetery is located on private property, off Highway 87 and County Road 2110.  The cemetery is abandoned.  Only the markers for James & Mary Barlow and Ethel Taylor are left.  The marker for Ethel Taylor has a large cedar tree that has fallen and the last name and dates could not be read.

Special thanks to Robert Cannon & Darrell Shofner for their assistance in locating this cemetery.

Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
A. C. Barlow 09/09/1904 12/28/1977 from Bartle Funeral Home Records
James Barlow 09/08/1855 03/23/1929 Husb of Mary  Barlow
Mary Barlow 10/01/1872 10/18/1954 Wife of James Barlow
Ethel Taylor - - dates and possibly last name not visible

The following is taken from "OUR DEAD of SHELBY COUNTY by J. B. Sanders.

Floyd & Ruby Barlow (2 Infants - - -
Henry Barlow 06/15/1893 11/19/1953 -
James E. Barlow 10/07/1854 03/23/1929 Son of James Barlow, Alabama
Joe Barlow 07/14/1889 02/27/1964 -
Mary Jane Miller Barlow 1859 10/--/1958 Wife of Jim Barlow, Sr.