Bell Family Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed on June 17, 2000

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The cemetery is located on private property off Highway 87 south of FM 353.  For information on this cemetery email Ray Jackson.

GPS ----- -93.96779 Longitude ---- 31.5897 Latitude

Special thanks to Lovie Bell for her assistance in locating this cemetery.

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Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
Alice Bell 09/23/1875 12/22/1947 Dau of H. P. & Alice E. Bell
Alice E. Bell 11/15/1856 02/13/1937 Wife of H. P. Bell
Bettie Bell 07/25/1884 11/04/1900 Dau of H. P. & Alice Bell
H. P. Bell 04/02/1856 01/29/1922 Husb of Alice E. Bell
Robert P. Bell 10/17/1874 02/28/1907 Son of H. P. & Allice E. Bell
John Hampton Ellington 03/07/1915 03/12/1915 Son of Dr. John & Verna Ellington
Caroline, Lodge 06/21/1826 02/04/1879 Wife of J. W. Lodge- Mother of H. P. Bell
Lucy Mackeghney 02/13/1881 01/18/1903 Dau of H.P. & Alice Bell - Wife of DR. L. Mackeghney
Lucy J. Polley 03/23/1830 12/17/1909 Mother of Mrs. H. P. Bell