Bounds-Estes Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Myron Bounds, June 1999
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Take Highway 87  to Shelbyville, turn west on F.M. Road 417, go to County road 1006 and turn right.  About one mile there will be a 90 degree left break in the road.  Go about 100 or so yards, there is a mobile home on the right, just past the home is a dirt road, take this road to a gate onto Private Property.   About 1/2 mile north east is a creek, and past the creek about 1/4 mile is a wooded area and here the cemetery is located.  The cemetery is abandoned, however is believed to be in fairly good shape.  To commet on this listing please email Myron Bounds at address above.

GPS ----- -94.14607 Longitude ---- 31.73681 Latitude


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Alice G. Bounds 03/06/1860 07/20/1886 dau of Thomas R. Bounds
Francis Bird Bounds 01/20/1826 08/02/1858 aka Franklin B. Bounds or Frank
Mary L. Bounds 04/27/1829 10/25/1900 wife of Thomas R. Bounds
Sarah Elizabeth Beaird  Bounds c1828 1855 Wife of Francis Bird Bounds.  Sarah Elizabeth is recorded as having died in childbirth of Francis Bird Bounds III in 1855.  She may have lived longer than that (1858) according to some deed records just uncovered.  More research into that.
Thomas R. Bounds 04/21/1829 06/28/1865 husb of Mary L. Bounds
Eliza T. Courtney 06/21/1810 03/31/1861 Wife of M. W. Courtney and  Dr. William Echols
Dr. William Echols 05/28/1800 02/22/1855 Born in Wilkes County, Georgia
Noland A. Estes 12/06/1883 06/04/1884 infant grandchild of Thomas R. Bounds
Mary A. Estes 09/01/1879 10/03/1880 infant grandchild of Thomas R. Bounds
Roland Estes 10/06/1883 06/14/1884 infant grandchild of Thomas R. Bounds