Burrow Family Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by John Warner & Ray Jackson, June 23, 2000.

The cemetery is located on private property off Highway 7 near Pine Ridge cemetery.  The cemetery is completely abandoned and all markers are destroyed.  The ones left are broken and seemed to have been knocked over by cattle using the area as a path and/or resting place.  There were at one time about 20 or 30 graves in the cemetery.  All have been lost except the few pieces that could be matched together.   It is believed the last burial in this cemetery was in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Special thanks to Mrs. Mary C. Lewis for her assistance in locating this cemetery.

Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
A.B. Burrow - - Destroyed
Ada Burrow 02-16-1869 02-21-1869 -
J. A. Burrow 02/26/1827 02/25/1890 -
Lolla R. Burrow 04/02/1884 07/30/1884 Dau of  (Marker Destroyed)
Mira Jane Burrow 02/20/1875 10/08/1880 Dau of J. M. & Elizabeth Burrow
Martha J. Burrow 05/16/1853 08/30/1868 Info from J.B. Sanders- Did not locate
Ruben Burrow 09/26/1870 10/08/1879 -
William Burrow 01/13/1864 08/15/1867 -
William (last name missing) 10/04/1877 10/23/1880 Son of John & Mary (name missing)