Campbell Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Campbell Cemetery

The Campbell Cemetery was located in the area of the old Neuville Road and the now present Loop around Center.  Special Thanks to Lorene Foster for her help in discovering this burial place and furnishing the following information.  This cemetery was also known as the Turbeville Cemetery.  The cemetery and all markings are lost. 

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Grave of Ex-Slave-photo taken in 1993
Logging has detroyed this marker and grave

Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
Ann Cribb Campbell 12/01/1757 ? Wife of John Campbell
Celia Perritt Campbell 1809 10/??/1867 Wife of Theophilus Campbell
David J. Wilson Campbell 1833 1892 -
Emily Turbeville Campbell 1837 ? -
George Campbell 1836 1867 Hus. of Sarah Campbell
John Campbell 01/06/1852 ? Hus. of Ann Cribb Campbell
Sarah Ann Turberville Campbell 10-05-1839 - Wife of George Campbell
Theophilus Campbell 10/20/1796 01/16/1860 Hus. of Celia Perritt Campbell
Clarissse Fagans No dates 02/13/1882 Age 60
Archibald Tuberville 07/21/1806 - Married 08/21/1836 Hus. of Martha Fagans Tuberville
Martha Fagans Tuberville 07/01/1816 - Married 08/21/1836 Wife of Archibald Tuberville