College Street Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

The information for this site is taken from the J. Alfred Taylor Family History as published in the 1988 Shelby County History Book and from Mattie Dellinger Articles.   The cemetery was located near the Center Elementary School back in the early days of Center.  It was about 300 yards from Church street on College and Gladstone Streets. The cemetery contained several graves which were later moved to Fairview Cemetery.  Today homes are located on this property.  It is believed that all the graves were not moved, since some had only stone or brick markers.  Also the First Christian Church was located just across the street from the cemetery and the church, too, was later moved to Porter and Cora Streets.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Dr. ??? Larkin - - moved to Fairview Cemetery
Laura Larkin - - moved to Fairview Cemetery
Johnnie Frank Taylor 1873 1893 murdered
Sarah Elizabeth Taylor 1873 04/04/1897 -

No further records have been found of the burial site of these two Taylor Families.