Corley/Harrison Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Barbara Scates January 19, 2000

The Corley Cemetery was established in 1873 upon the death of Col. Edmund Thomas Corley.  The name of the cemetery was designated the CORLEY/HARRISON CEMETERY upon the death of and burial there of James Rebyl Harrison.

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The Corley/Harrison Cemetery is located approximately two and one-haBlf miles southwest of the City of Tenaha.  From the junction of Highway 59 and F. M. Road 2141, the cemetery is approximately 1.6 miles south.  It is on the west side of FM 2141 on private property.

GPS -94.25501 Longitude, 31.91526 Latitude

On April 29, 2000, a "Daughter of the Republic of Texas" emblem placed on the grave of Mabel Harrison LaMaster Yeary was dedicated. 


Annual reunion, Second Saturday in June.       


Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Josephine Caroline Bouland 05/02/1857 08/10/1891 Wife of R.M. Bouland
Nancy Corley Burgess 07/30/1842 02/17/1902 Dau of E. T. & Clarkey Corley-Wife of   T. B. Burgess
Bobby Eugene (Gene) Casto 08-09-1934 06-22-2020 Hus. of Margaret LeMaster (Maggie) Casto
Clara Fern Harrison Christensen 07-15-1925 07-01-2015 Wife of Warren Christensen
Clarkey Haynie Beasley Corley 10/07/1814 10/10/1882 Born in Smith County, Tenn. Wife of  Col. E.T. Corley
Col. Edmund Thomas Corley 02/27/1811 10/09/1873 Born in Virginia
Jessie Corley 11/04/1883 11/04/1883 Son of Grabriel R. & Sarah Jopling Corley
Alfred B. Dickson 08/12/1884 07/26/1888 Son of J. Bent & Permelia Corley Dickson
Fletcher Gray Dickson 12/25/1911 02/12/1912 Son of John Thomas & Mary Dickson
James Benton Dickson 09/23/1846 01/18/1918 Husb of Permelia Corley Dickson
John Thomas Dickson 11/26/1871 08/31/1942 Son of J. Bent & Permelia Dickson - Husb of Mary Gray Dickson
Mary Gray Dickson 1884 1929 Wife of John Thomas Dickson
Permelia Dickson 10/14/1845 05/02/1896 Dau of Col. E.T. & Clarkey Corley
Beatrice Kelley Harrison 09/25/1916 08/19/1989 Wife of James Rebyl Harrison
Georgia Marie Womack Harrison 04/16/1933 12/25/1997 1st wife of W. B. "Buddy" Harrison
James Rebyl Harrison 01/24/1916 03/15/1979 Son of Wiley Braxton & Maude Lee Corley Harrison- Husb of Beatrice Kelley Harrison
Maude Lee Corley Harrison 10/03/1889 04/22/1981 Dau of G.R.W.Corley-Grand.Dau of Col E.T. & Wiley Corley.
W. B. "Buddy" Harrison 03/11/1923 10/30/2007 Husb. of Georgia Marie Womack Harrison, 2nd, Husb. of Fay Harrison
Wiley Braxton Harrison 04/21/1885 02/04/1956 Husb of Maude Lee Corley Harrison
Infant Holman 10/15/1900 10/15/1900 -
Clara Dickson Jolley 10/13/1873 10/15/1930 -
Joel L. Jolley 12/15/1870 03/27/1945 -
Charles S. Swan 07/27/1942 08/19/2003 Son of Winfrey Harrison Swan & S. L. Swan
Mabel W. Harrison Lemaster Yeary 02/08/1914 10/19/1999 Wife of J. C. Lemaster, 2nd, wife of S. L. Yeary
Mary Dickson Young 08/31/1882 12/27/1914 Dau of J. Bent & Permelia Dickson -  Wife of R. W. Young.
Unknown - - Three unknown graves in the cemetery.