Fairview Cemetery


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Transcribed by Leonard Irish & Ray Jackson, May, 1999


This Plaque is placed here in Memory of the Original Trustees of Fairview Cemetery Association which was formed in 1901

  • B. F. Bridges           A. R. Chandler         W. B. Downer         O. L. McKnight

  • John C. Rogers        John  Sanders            J. F. Willis

and further in Memory of

  • F. M. Campbell        N. O. Thomas, Sr.

who acquired for the Cemetery additional Land in 1912 completing its present boundaries.

Fairview Cemetery is located within the City Limits of Center, Shelby County, Texas on Martin Luther King Street about 1/2 mile off Shelbyville Street.. 

GPS -94.16775 Longitude, 31.78811 Latitude

This site is alphabetized by the name of persons interned here.  Due to the size of the cemetery the listing is contained on six pages for ease of loading.  Some of the pages may be slow to load, please wait.

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