Griffith Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Leonard Irish and Ray Jackson November 14, 1999

Take Highway 96 South To F. M. Road 417,  at the intersection of 417 and Farm Road 2140 continue to the community of Neuville at the intersection of Farm Road 2140 and County Road 1060 and turn onto County Road 1060 go 5.6 miles into the San Augustine County Line and the end of Farm Road 3230 (San Augustine County) and turn left on 1096, go 1 mile back into Shelby County to a barb wire gate on the right side of the road.  The Cemetery is located in the pasture about 100 yards from road.  A chain link fence surrounds the cemetery which is very much over grown and abandoned.  Only two markers remain.  Other names listed below come from the work of J.B. Sanders  "OUR DEAD".

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes
Abraham Griffith - - Marker Missing
Gertrude Griffith - - Marker Missing
James S. Griffith 02/25/1832 04/13/1905 Texas Pvt Co E Lane's Tex Cav - Marker Missing
Joe Griffith 1827 - Marker Missing
Nancy Griffith - - Marker Missing
George E. Matthews 02/01/1899 10/20/1900 Son of Mr & Mrs. J.A. & J.M. Matthews
J. M. Griffith Matthews 01/22/1884 11/04/1908 Son of Mr. & Mrs.J.A. & J.M. Matthews- Marker Missing
Joseph A. Matthews 01/17/1879 08/14/1890 Son of Mr. & Mr. J.A. & J.M. Matthews- Marker Missing
Unknown - 11/04/1903 Top of marker Missing.