Hot Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Leonard Irish, Ray Jackson and Debbie Askew, April 7, 2001.

The cemetery is located on Private property in the Patroon Area.  The cemetery is complete destroyed and only one  grave marker is left.   It is understood that this cemetery is the burial site of Old Texan,  J. M. Bradley, which is noted in the work of J. B. Sanders.

Special thanks to Vickie Lout for allowing us the entrance to her property and to Debbie Askew for her work in locating this cemetery.


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Elizabeth Melton 12/22/1833 08/13/1906 -


The following is taken from "OUR DEAD", by J. B. Sanders:

Infant Belsha - - Child of Will Belsha
Barker Ferguson - 1901 -
Sylas Killen - - -
Infant Phillips - 1904 Child of Jim Phillips
Gay Reynolds - 1901 -
Mrs. Lou Woods Reynolds - 1903 -
Infant Talbert - 1899 Child of W. J. Talbert
Frank Tinsley - 1903 -


Old Texan Burial Site

This information is from the records of Bennie Nix and J.B. Sanders

J. M. Bradley Unknown Unknown -

Captain J. M. Bradley was murdered in San Augustine by Regulator Chief Moorman.  His grave is covered with rocks--people have dug his grave for his money which everyone believed that he buried during the Moderator and Regulator conflict.