Hutto Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Bettye Wagstaff, June 1999

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Take F.M. 699 north from Center about 9.4 Miles.  Turn left on a dirt road for about 1 mile.  On the right you will see the Hutto home.  The Cemetery can be seen in the pasture, if you look past the gate that is between the house and the barn.  The cemetery is in good shope.  Some of the Wagstaff descendants re-built the fence and place white snad over the small cemetery. It can be clearly seen form the Hutto home.

George Solomon Hutto 06/22/1825 07/18/1881 Pvt. Co. K 28 Tezas Cal CSA
Henry Hutto 1876 ???? son of George & Mary Hutto
Infant Hutto no dates no dates  
Mary Arminta Wagstaff Hutto 1843 ???? wife of George Solomon Hutto
Buford Wagstaff no dates no dates son of Burt & Carrie Wagstaff
Caroline Johnson Wagstaff 09/12/1886 09/12/1921 wife of Burt Wagstaff
Charles L. Wagstaff 10/17/1880 12/04/1883 son of Nicholas & Mary Wagstaff
Ella E. Wagstaff 09/23/1887 06/25/1898 dau of Nicholas & Mary Wagstaff
Henry Edward Wagstaff 11/03/1875 12/11/1938  
Infant Wagstaff 11/12/1882 11/12/1882 dau of G. L. & S. M. Wagstaff
Mary E. Wagstaff 12/21/1889 03/25/1898 dau of Nicholas & Mary Wagstaff
Mary Elizabeth Hutto Wagstaff 01/10/1855 01/03/1913 wife of Nicholas R. Wagstaff
Nicholas R. Wagstaff 07/31/1846 07/08/1935 -
Sarah IT Wagstaff 07/21/1880 12/24/1947 wife of Henry Edward Wagstaff
William R. "Burt" Wagstaff 08/04/1877 05/08/1953