Johnston Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by John Warner and Ray Jackson June 8, 2002

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The cemetery is located off FM 4620 in the Tenaha area on private property of John Scull.  Some reference to this cemetery is the Johnson Cemetery.  The marker of Franklin Lewis is spelled as Johnson and his wife Margaret is Johnston.   The cemetery is well maintained.

Special thanks to Ben, Carolyn and James Hooker for their assistance in locating this cemetery.
Special thanks to John Scull for his effort in preserving and maintaining this cemetery.


Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
Lena R. Johnston Butler 11/19/1885 07/16/1961 Wife of James W. Butler
James W. Butler 02/11/1873 02/25/1954 Husb of  Lena Butler
Robert G. Farmer 04/07/1830 02/08/1917 Friend of F.L. Johnson- Fought in Civil War
Miron Joe Fenton 04/03/1936 04/08/2001 Husb of Patriia Fenton
Franklin Lewis Johnson 10/01/1840 07/01/1897 Civil War Vet. Husb of Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston 10/10/1845 04/07/1917 Wife of Franklin L. Johnson
Blanche B. Parker 10-1913 05-1998 Mother of Betty June Walker
Betty June Walker 02/07/1933 02/07/1933 Dau of Blanche B. Parker