Law Family Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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The cemetery is located off Highway 7 and FM Road 2608 and is on private property.   It is completely abandoned.  The cemetery contained two markers which have be removed.  Only a two base markers and one foot marker remain.  The information for this site was obtain from the records of Reecie Stanley and from J.B. Sanders work "Our Dead".   Thanks to Mr. James Humphries and Reecie Stanley for their assistance in locating this cemetery.   

Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes
Mary Pearl Law 08/15/1879 10/12/1896 Dau of Robert R. and Sarah W. Law
Una Law 03/26/1893 08/02/1894 Dau of Robert R. and Sarah W. Law

Note:  The book of J. B. Sanders records the name as Nina Law instead of Una Law.  The foot marker has the initials U L.  The family records records the name as Euna Law.