Lost - Abandoned Cemeteries

Shelby County Texas

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H.E.& W.T. Railroad R.O.W.Burial Site

The burial site of the HE&WT Railroad Right-of-Way that is recorded in the J.B. Sanders Publication "OUR DEAD" is believed to be on the right-of-way near the Historical Marker near Paxton.  The grave was positioned between the "cut" for the railroad tracks and the "cut" for Highway 84.   Since the burial, the area between the railroad and highway roadbeds have been leveled.  The remains in the grave were probably removed prior to the leveling.   It is also believed that the individual was either a transit or most probably a railroad worker.  Special thanks to Dr. Ralph T. Green for his assistance in locating this grave site.  Dr. Green states that as a young boy living there, he remembered that the original grave was marked by a length of steel rail driven into the ground and standing vertically.  Mrs. Blanche Green Phillips remembers flowers being place on the grave by her and other members of the family.  The following is taken from Mr. Sanders book:

W.E. Crook No dates- No dates Thought to be CSA Veteran


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Spivey Cemetery

The Spivey Cemetery was located in the vicinity of the Historical Marker on Highway 84 near Paxton.  Mr. Ralph T. Green states, "as a youth, I remember the cemetery having had a barbed wire fence around it -- perhaps 20 feet by 15 feet."    There were no grave markers other than a few rocks and possibly bricks.   Also, there might have been signs of wooden markers driven into the ground.   At that time, the area of the cemetery was somewhat wooded, but not heavily so, with most of the area between the cemetery and the fence bordering the railroad being mainly pasture land."   If you notice the Historical Marker it refers to a Friendship Cemetery with 33 graves.  A Friendship Cemetery can not be located.  It is believed that the Friendship is the same as Mr. Green is referring.  The following is taken from the CSA marker located in the vicinity.

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James J. Spivey 1014/1814 10/19/1905 Louisiana PVT Co. D 28 Regt La Inf C.S.A.
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Fountainhead Cemetery

The location of this cemetery is believed to be either in San Augustine,  Sabine or Nacogdoches County.  Every effort will continue to be made to locate.

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Martin Family Cemetery

The Martin Cemetery is believed to be located in the James Community area, but definite information is available.   This cemetery is listed in Mangum Funeral Home Records.

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Oswalt Family Cemetery

The Oswalt Cemtery is still being investigating, may be in the Huxley area and possibly could be the one that is referred to in Mr. Sanders book as Huxley.

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The following cemeteries were taken from the records of Mangum Funeral Home. They could possibly be referred to under another name.  If you have information please email.

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Waldon Cemetery

The Waldon Cemetery's  location it not known.

Henry Smith




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Ballard Cemetery

The Ballard Cemetery's Location is not known.

Amanda Blount 06/14/1898 05/03/1930 -
Mattie Blound 08/--/1884 08/15/1939  
Ora Lee Blount 08/--/1923 08/15/1939 -
Alonza Garrett 06/14/1896 08/01/1931 -
Charlsie Matlock 08/07/1907 05/09/1939 -

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