Martha Moce Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Transcribed by Robert Barnett, Aubrey Beckham and Ray Jackson November 18, 1999

This cemetery is located on the private property of Aubry Beckham in the Day and Joaquin Community.  The story is told that the children had died from Pneumonia and the family was on the way to buried them at a local cemetery.   The weather became so bad and the roads were not usable that the family obtain approval from the owners, at that time, to bury them on their land in the field.  The setting for the small burial ground is among a group of large trees on the slope of a hill that over looks a man made lake.  There are 6 head and foot graves marked with rocks, which are plentiful in the area.  Only one grave marker that obtains information is made from concrete and has the lamb on top.  This marker is also broken and it stands near a tree which has the rock foot marker.  The last name of the child buried here is somewhat unreadable, but it appears to be Moce, however Mole, Moe, Meme, Moore could be interpreted, but it was agreed that the name was MOCE.  

Since the Burial site was located the following information has been found.

My father is Aubrey Beckham, who owns the land where Martha is buried. There could be 10 to 15 people buried there, as some of the red rocks used as head stones are below the ground a couple of inches. Since the 1900 census list of people living in Shelby county has become available.  I found listing of father (Ben F. Mcgee) and mother (Sarah J. Mcgee) , as well as brothers and sisters. I believe the man that that owned the land, at that time was William B. Wood and Sallie A. Wood, who had country store and house on the land. The land is still known as      "Old Wood's Place".  Lloyd Beckham

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Martha McGee 1892 1897 Daughter of B. F. & S. J. McGee

She had departed from this world and go to dwell in that happy land and is waiting at the Golden Gate to beckon her loved ones home.