Neuville Family Cemetery

Shelby County, Texas


Transcribed by Ray Jackson and Leonard Irish, March 6, 1999.

Newville Family Cemetery is located  on Shelby County Road 1057 about 1/2 mile where 1057 intersects with County Road 1090. Take Highway 96 from Center to San Augustine turn right on County Road 1090 to the community of Neuville.   Cross the railroad tracks onto 1090 for about 1 mile to intersection of 1057 turn right go to the top of the hill you will see the fenced cemetery on right.

GPS -94.12342 Longitude, 31.67641 Latitude


Deceased Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Corine Doyle 09/18/1907 01/23/1947  
Lucille Jordan Epps 1889 1925  
Spart Franklin Jordan 05/06/1886 04/01/1939  
Susannah Margaret Jordan 09/23/1860 07/20/1918 wife of Spart Jordan
Clementine N. Lynch 03/22/1865 09/08/1957 Wife of Frank Matthew Lynch
Frank M. Lynch 04/14/1867 03/08/1887 Husb of Clementine Lynch
J. E. Lynch 10/15/1873 11/28/1900  
Bessie May Neuville 07/19/1909 01/05/1997 Wife of Joseph Price Neuville
Gracie Lee Neuville 02/23/1899 09/28/1900 daughter of S. J. Neuville
Helen M. Neuville 1921 ----  
Joseph Price Neuville 02/11/05 12/29/1979 Son of Stephen James Neuvill
Nancy McCadie Neuville 11/21/1836 02/12/1923 Wife of Stephen German Neuville
Naoma Neuville 10/01/1900 03/06/1950 Wife of William H. Neuville
Nora Belle Neuville 05/01/1866 05/02/1930 Wife of Stephen James Neuville
Stephen Dupont Neuville 05/24/1883 10/11/1915 Son of Stephen James Neuville
Stephen German Neuville 06/09/1820 07/19/1911 Born in France, Co.Crumps Regt. Lane Brig. CSA.
Stephen James Neuville 01/04/1863 03/05/1949 Son of Stephen German Neuville
William Glen Neuville 1919 1974  
William M. Henry Neuville 12/25/1896 02/11/1959 Son of Stephen James Neuville
Susie Annie Margaret Neuville Scruggs 07/24/1887 02/24/1923 Wife of H. T. Scruggs
Adah Neuville Wilson 10/11/1894 11/20/1975 Dau of Stephen James Neuville
Roy Wilson 06/07/1889 11/26/1976