Oaklawn Memorial Park


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Transcribed by Debbie Askew, Leonard Irish & Ray Jackson, March, 2002.

Oaklawn Memorial Park is located three miles east of Center on State Highway 7, on the right of the highway, just across from the airport.

GPS -94.1528 Longitude, 31.8235 Latitude


The cemetery is divided into five areas and a Mausoleum.   The areas are as follows:
Area 1--Garden of Prayer
Area 2--Garden of Faith
Area 3--Garden of Love
Area 4--Garden of Last Supper
Area 5--Garden of Daisy
Area M--Mausoleum

This site is alphabetized by the name of persons interned here.  Due to the size of the cemetery the listing is contained on seven pages for ease of loading.  Some of the pages may be slow to load, please wait.

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