Sinclair Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Transcribed by Leonard Irish and Ray Jackson November 14, 1999

Take Highway 96 South to F. M. Road 417, turn left and continue on 417 over the railroad tracks to the Clever Creek Baptist Church.  At the intersection of 417 and County Road 1030 turn right onto County Road 1030, go 1 mile to County Road 1057 and turn right go .6 mile and the cemetery is located on private property about 100 yards at the rear of the cow pasture.  Permission MUST be obtained to enter through the gate.   The Cemetery is partially surrounded by a chain link fence.  Part of the fence was destroyed during a straight wind storm.  The Cemetery seems to be abandoned and in need of maintenance.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes
Mary A. Sinclair Matthews 09/29/1853 09/06/1880 Married Samuel Matthews 11/18/1874
Lou A. Potts 08/04/1872 10/26/1939 -
Sarah Lee Potts 05/10/1912 10/11/1919  
William C. Potts 08/03/1861 01/15/1948 -
Leland. A. Sinclair 10/05/1823 08/02/1899 -
Margaret McClellan Sinclair 1832 09/02/1868 Married L. A. Sinclair 10/01/1850
Mary S. Sinclaire 06/19/1847 04/06/1930 Marker has "e" end of  name - Dau of J. Spencer, Alabama
N. J. Sinclair 09/12/1855 09/03/1867 -
W. R. Sinclair 09/01/1851 08/19/1877 -
Beulah Matthews Watkins 01/10/1877 07/02/?? Wife of George L. Watkins
George L. Watkins 12/06/1858 03/14/1939 Husb of Beulah Matthews Watkins
Hollis Watkins 1901 05/11/1902 Son of G.L. & Beulah Watkins
Robbie Watkins 11/25/1898 08/25/1900  
Unknown Graves - - 4 graves are marked with large metal markers, but names are missing.