Walker Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Reba James, Ray Jackson and Dowell Youngblood August 23, 2001

K.P.  Williams and Three men of The Sons of Confederate Veterans from Alto ,Texas......Robert McCauley, Kenneth Mc Clure and Barry Robinson preserved the cemetery December 23rd 2003 with a Rifle Salute to Confederate soldier James Merril Walker that is buried in Walker Cemetery.   (Photos submitted by Hazel Dean Williams.)   To view other photos click here

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The Cemetery is located on private property on top of what is known as Snow Hill.  It is about 1 mile into the woods and enclosed with 2 fences about 3 feet apart. The cemetery is overgrown and apprears to be abandoned.. 

GPS -94.279212 Longitude, 31.762694 Latitude


Andrew C. Burns 02/09/1857 06/14/1939 Husb of Martha A. Burns
Martha A. Burns 12/28/1856 06/11/1929 Wife of Andrew Burns
Nelson M. Burns 04/12/1883 11/22/1946 -
Thomas D. Burns 06/19/1890 05/01/1963 Texas Pvt Co. K 62 Infantry WWI
Squire C. Choate 10/07/1826 10/02/1914 -
D.S. Walker 02/01/1873 02/20/1926 -
James  M. Walker 01/15/1827 07/20/1896 Born in LaFayette County, Alabama- Pvt. Hewett's Co. Texas MTD Vols. C.S.A. - m. 1st Lucinda Reynolds, 2nd Mary Ann McKenzie
Mary Ann McKinsey Walker 02/05/1846 07/27/1915 Wife of James M. Walker
Melissa Walker 08/08/1853 01/09/1937 Wife of Kaufman Walker
Nettie Walker 03/06/1878 05/22/1943 -