Wilson-Haywood Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Transcribed by Louis Jones, Leonard Irish & Ray Jackson, August 15, 1999

The cemetery is located on F.M. 139 in the Stockman Community area.  It is on the property of David and Marjorie Griffin.   It is, for all practical purposes, abandoned.  It is very much overgrown and most of the markers have been removed or destroyed and it is believed that some of the graves were washed out during heavy rains and flooding.   About 10 foot markers were found which leads us to believe that they have been removed or destroyed.  The cemetery is not accessable by vehicle and it is recommended that one not  visit the cemetery, due to the current residents concern about injury and/or liability.  Thanks to Louis Jones for is assistance in obtaining entry to this cemetery.

Henry Corder 1870 1876 Son of Rubin Corder
Rubin Corder 1821 1878 Citizen of the Republic of Texas-1836-1846
Alama Haywood - 1885 -
B. M. Wilson 12/17/1850 10/10/1873  
Mary Ann Wilson 03/01/1823 03/16/1887  
William Henry Wilson 12/10/1884 09/10/1889  
Wilson     Data not readable.