Wimberly-Rayburn Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

Transcribed by Elaine Bailey, July 1999

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 The Wimberly-Rayburn Cemetery was founded in 1870 on the farm of Watford Wimberly.  The first person buried here was Clarindia Jones Wimberly, the wife of Watford Wimberly.  After the disposal of the property one acre of land was reserved for the use of the cemetery.  Later in 1913 an additional acres were obtained.  Again in 1987, the committee purchased 3 acres.   The oldest grave in the Cemetery is Clarinda Jones Wimberly, born in 1813 died in 1870. The Cemetery originally established third Sunday in the month of May for its homecoming, which was later moved to the third Sunday in the month of June.

To reach Wimberly-Rayburn Cemetery from Center, Texas, take Highway 87 south to Shelbyville, turn left onto F. M. Road 417 go about 11.3 miles, or until 417 dead ends into F.M. Road 139, turn right onto F.M. 139 to County Road 3172 turn left and proceed for about 1.5 and the cemetery is on the right side of the road.

GPS -93.898793 Longitude, 31.80641 Latitude


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