Republic of Texas Muster Roll

A Muster and Final Roll of Captain L. H. Mabbitt's Company of three months mounted volunteers,  stationed in Shelby County by order of his Excellency, Sam Houston, AD 1844


The below muster roll can be seen at the Memorial and Petition Files.  Since most muster rolls are on file at the General Land Office, the chances are that this roll has not been used to prove lineage for the Daughters of he Republic of Texas.  


Name Rank Enlisted Discharged
Beacham, Benedict Private 09-08-1833 Not entitled to pay
Bean, Isaac T. Trumpter 09-10-1844 11-13-1844
Benton, Thomas Private 09-12-1844 11-12-1844
Caldwell, William Private 09-14-1844 "
Carica, Matthew G. Private 10-11-1844 Not entitled to Pay
Chummy, Alexander Private 09-18-1844 11-11-1844
Dorsett, A. W. Private 09-05-1844 11-13-1844
Dorsett, John W. Private 10-01-1844 11-13-1844
East, Joseph Private 09-10-1844 11-13-1844
Foster, Thomas R. Private 09-07-1844 "
Gunter, Martin H. 1st Corporal 09-10-1844 "
Hanks, Ben L. 1st. Lieutenant 08-28-1844" "
Haynes, G. W. 2nd Lieutenant 09-05-1844 "
Hays, Demetrius Private 09-09-1844 11-11-1844
Keoher, J. M. Private 09-08-1844 11-12-1844
Kirkpatrick, A. W. Private 09-05-1844 11-13-1844
Lakey, J. T. Private 09-15-1844 11-12-1844
Lindsey, D. A. Private 09-08-1844 "
Lindsey, R. C. Private 09-08-1844 "
Mabbitt, L. M. Captain 08-26-1844 11-13-1844
Mayfield, Stephen 2nd Corporal " "
Miller, J. M. Private 09-10-1844 "
Mitchell, Jesse A. 3rd Sergeant 09-07-1844 11-06-1844
Peoples, John Private 10-02-1844 11-11-1844
Roark, A. J. 2nd Sergeant 09-10-1844 "
Robertson, James M. Private 10-11-1844 Not entitled to Pay
Sadlin, Alexander 3rd Corporal 09-05-1844 11-10-1844
Scott, William Sadler 09-08-1844 11-11-1844
Shaddock, Martin Private 09-07-1844 11-13-1844
Smith, Thomas F. O.S. " "
Stockton, T. A. Surgeon 09-10-1844 "
Templeton, W. R. Private " "
Vaughan, Eldridge 4th Sergeant 09-05-1844 "
Williams, J. D. Farier 09-05-1844 "
Wilson, James 4th Corporal 09-07-1844 11-12-1944
Windle, William Private 09-05-1844 "


         I do hereby certify that the above roll containing a true and correct statement of the time of enrollment and discharge of my company of mounted men, that was stationed in Shelby County, by order of the President.

       (Signed)   L. H. Mabbitt, Capt. Company                               
 Mounted Volunteers in Shelby County                          

Department of War & Marine
   Washington 24th Dec 1844.

The above and within is a true copy of the original on file in this department

                                                             M. C. Hamilton
                                                               Actg. Secty.