1920 National Guard of Shelby County


This picture of the 1920 National Gaurd had just returned from a training camp in Austin. 

Front Row:   Hap Rogers, Leroy Paul, Willie Crawford, Harvey Hughes and Ty Cobb.

2nd Row:  Unidentified, Jimmie Davis, Fred McCallum, Samuel Hicks, Johnny Thompson.

Back Row:   Unidentfied, Hollis Watson, ??? Thompson, Price Daugherty, ???? Joe Neal Runnels and Lt. Carlton Rogers.

Front::  Otto Bert Campbell and Collie Beckham

Back:  Barnett Mobely, Sr., Unknown

Letter from a Soldier

October 22, 1918

Dear Father:

        I received your letter yesterday afternoon and was glad to hear from you all again and glad that you were all well.   I am getting along splendid and feeling fine.  I am as well in the army and the longer I stay here the better I like it.  In fact, army life is indeed as good a life as a young boy could wish for.  I was glad that you took a Liberty Bond.  It shows you have a sincere feeling from the depth of your heart for your boy who is serving his country today, not only him but for you neighbor boys and in fact every one that is now in the service.
        I am glad to learn that my home community, Good Hope, went over the top.  All of us Shelby County Boys are getting along splendidly, several have been sent to the hospital with influenza, though they are recovering now and doing fine.  I am glad to state that we received the best care while we were in the hospital sick.
        Tell everyone to write as we like to receive mail.   We are anxious to go across to France and get in the midst of the battles which are raging over there now and to help down the Huns. 
        You and Mother need not worry about me as I am being well cared for and I am coming back to you some day and I feel that it won't be long before I am home again.  Though if I lose my life it will be freely given to my country so that Liberty may never perish.  May God be with you all is prayer.  You loving son, POLK BURNS