Shelby County Confederate Veteran Reunion - 1923

        The Confederate veterans held an annual reunion April, 1923 at Center.  The identity of all are not known.  Dr. Fambro is seated at the head of the table on the left and W. P. Wilson is at the head of the table on the right.  Miss Trudie Nicholson and Mrs. Emmett Armstrong are among the women in back.

        As long as there were  as many ad five veterans still living, they met at Center to answer the roll call.  In 1923 only 34 soldiers were present at the reunion and 13 members reported as having died since the last meeting. 

        The meeting was held in the showroom of the Smith Ford Motor Company located on the south side of the Center Square.  The banquet lunch was provided by the women of Center First Methodist Church, who are shown standing at the back of the tables.  Music was provided by the Oz Metz Band and Judge J. M. Sanders delivered the address.  The Glee Club of Center sang and N. O. Thomas, Jr. of Center delivered an oration.

The group of veterans elected officers for the coming year, naming J. J. Beckman as Captain.  Others elected were W. S. Goodson, First Lieutenant, W. F. Pou, Second Lieutenant, J. F. Willis, Adjutant and Treasurer, A. R. Fox; quartermaster, Dr. Spivey, Chaplain, Dr. F. M. Fambro, Surgeon and S. J. Thomas, Flag Bearer.  Mrs. Lillie Stubbs was elected sponsor of the reunion for the next year.  J. A. Pickard of Paxton, Age 91 was the oldest veteran attending and Buck Pearce and L. G. Watson, ages 75 tied for youngest. Of those present 14 were 80 years of age and older. 

Secretary Willis had the veterans answer roll call by giving their age and the regiment in which they served in the War.

Confederate veterans who have died since the last meeting in 1922.
Alford J. M Ballard, B. M.
Boozer, J. C. Cammack, J. M.
Davidson, P. C. Duke, W. W.
Parrish, T. H. Parker, W. F.
Risinger, L. M. Rhame, A. J.
Truitt, J. W. Webb, D. B.

1923 Attendees
Veteran Age Regiment
Bridges, B. F. 77 33rd Alabama
Beckman, J. J. 84 27th Georgia
Chapman, J. C. 86 34TH Alabama
Cooper, R. A. 84 4th Alabama
Davis, J. T. 80 37th Mississippi
Ellington, W. D. 77 Hop's
Edwards, J. R. 88 11th Mississippi
Fincher, A. M. 76 63rd Alabama
Goodman, M. S. 82 2nd Louisiana
Greer, J. W. 82 Visitor from Rockwell.
Jones, W. E. 86 11th Texas
Mayes, J. A. 83 19th Louisiana
McKenzie 82 11th Texas
Martindale, O. P.  80 28th Texas
McKee, Josiah 79 Texas Brigade
O'Banion, Jessie 80 45th Alabama
Parrish, L. 79 Reed's Brigdate
Pearce, W. J. 75 17th Louisiana
Pou, W. T. 78 28th Texas
Pickard, J. A. 91 14th Tennessee
Rogers, Y. W. 79 27th Louisiana
Swinebroad 86 1st Tennessee
Seago, H. M. 78 26th Mississippi
Thomas, J. A. 85 17th Texas
Thomas, S. J. 80 5th Texas
Thrasher, N. T. 82 28th Louisiana
Walker, W. F. 81 2nd South Carolina
Warren, J. C. 79 23rd Alabama
Watson, L. G. 75 8th Alabama
Wheeler, L. 79 Pound's Regulars
Willis, J. F. 77 Duke's Battalion Virginia
Wilkins, C. C. 81 2nd Alabama
Wilson, J. P. 76 Texas Militia