Pott's Sawmill & Mrs. Defee's Millinary Shop


        Pott's Sawmill and Mrs. Defee's Millenary Shop were prosperous businesses in Tenaha.  The building in the background to the right is the Millinary Shop.  The people in the picture from Right to Left is Port Belsha, Jim Brady Jim Dickinson, Jack Brady, L. R. Bagwell, Willie Collins and the next four are not identified. One of the two Negro Men was Jack Hewitt.
        Millinary Shops were located in Center and other places in the County.  The Dictionary defines millinary as a place for women's hats and a milliner as one who makes or sells women's hats.  Of course hats for women are not a fashionable now as they were 60 or 70 years ago, there was a time when your new attire was not complete unless you had a new hat.  A few of milliners were Mrs. G. A. King, Louie Mae Davis and Miss Maude Garrett.