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Class Prophecy - 1952

    One night while being entertained in Hawaii, I met a Hula dancer.  I asked the Hula if she could prophecie some of my friends' future.  She took me to a Hula show.   There were Hula girls to tell me the future of each senior.

    Well, what do we have here?  Why, its Bobby Bowden, who is now making his very own movies right on Broadway.  His last picture is "Hoodlums of Texas."

    Well, Well, She's hooked him.  Yes, Juana Bowlin.  I'd never really believed you'd work and raise children and I didn't guess married life was cut out the way you thought it would be. Right??

    Here it is 1972 and Morris Bowlin is still cruising in his 1928 Model-A Ford and what do you know, its still creeping along at 5 miles per hour.

    Another Hulu appears and tells me that Jack Bush is still trying for the at Aggie Football Team.  Don't get discouraged Jack, (old boy), takes a lot of milk to make a star in Aggieland.

    "Times Marches On," James Crawford has just worn out his last set of tires traveling to Gary and back to see his girl friend.

    Just what I thought.  Its--yes--Emma Jean Dubose in one of those new French Bathing Suits.  What! No! It can't be! Miss America.  Guess you fooled us, right Emma??

    The Hula turns again.  Can't believe this story. Evern Eaves in her lovely mansion in Bobo, Texas with all her jewels and furs.  How'd you ever make it?  Tell us the secret Evern.   

    Don't telephone.  Don't telegraph.  Just tell Betty Jean Erwin and the news is sure to get out.

    The Hulu turns slowly as she tell this story.  Why it can't be two.  Why its--its--Charles and Ceclia Finklea Jacobs.  Ceclia is bossing again.  We sympathize with you, Charles.

    Here we have Alvin Hairgrove and he owns his own feed store right here in Tenaha. To top it all, his sweet wife, Peggy and Alvin, Jr. are home on their big farm

    Mercy Me!  What's all this?  A beautiful girl.  Why yes, none other than Mary Ann Laird who has become an opera singer in "Carnegie Hall."

    Go-lly! How could this have happened?  Viola Manshack, the first United States girl to ever swim the English Channel.  Congratulations, Viola for this high honor.

    Well, now everything's happened--Karen Muckleroy, the world's most famous Power's Model.  She is now residing in New York City.

    Well, you've finally made it Wayne Oliver--manufacturing and selling your own brand of famous cigars, the one and only "Oliverettes."

    Gee Whiz!!  Now what's all this take place?  Why its Eldridge Hickman who is crooning at the Grad Old Opera in Nashville, Tennessee with his western string band.

    H--u--m Gosh! What a well-groomed man.  Now these Hulas are kidding me.  I can't believe it.  Kenneth Ogden, a Fuller Brush Man.  Uh-oh Girls.  Watch out!  He's another one of those wolves.

    Who is this two-gun killer?  why it's nobody but Sheriff Kelly Ramsey of the big city of Paxton, Texas.

    Wow! Wow!  What's that in the office?  Why its--yep--its her alright.  Nelwyn Ramsey, another one of those private secretaries.  You know what that means.

    Here we are now in the year 1985.  There is Jimmy King, a retired 5 Star General in the United States Army.

    If you're blue and tired of living, just contact Willis Rowe's Funeral Parlor and sample one of his nice soft coffins.  Yes, Willis is the friendly man with the most  famous and finest lay-away plan.

    Well, Well, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it but its true.  Yes, its old Joe Scates still running his City Pound.  For the best in dog-catching, just buzz old Joe today.

    Oh, who is this the Hulas are trying to describe.  Its the red-headed, old-maid school teach of the Booker Washington School, Miss  Frances Ware.

    Well, you finally made it Charlotte Womack.  The head Nurse at the Commanche Reservation and Wayne is her right-hand Medicine Man.

    Well Betty Yarberry!!  I guess you got tired of waiting and decided to just join up too.  Just to think you got a lucky break and you are right up there as his co-pilot with all your wings and everything.