James Truit, oldest son of Levi and Susanah Morgan Truit, was born in North Carolina in 1795.  The Truitt family left north Carolina in 1838 and entered Texas in 1839 at Pendleton Ferry. James Truit was active in the affairs of his country.  He served as sheriff in North Carolina before migrating to Texas.  He also served in the 1st and 2nd Legislature (1846 and 1847) as Congressman of the Republic of Texas, also served as State Senator in the 4th (1852) thru the 11th (1866). His son A. M. Truit served as State Senator in the 3rd Legislature (1850). 

        This information is edited from The Champion, May 23, 1973. The article is a full newspaper page with a lot of genealogical data.  If you wish a complete copy of the article, send $10.00 to Shelby County Museum, P. O. Box 1542, Center, Tx. 75935 or drop by the museum and request a copy