Photo Gallery of Shelby County Families

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Burns-Sims Families Day Family Jeane Family Doggett Family Hugh Smith Family Murphy-McCary Families
Elizabeth Francis Neuville Family John Mitchell Family Woods-McCallum Families Irish Family Harris Family
Powell Family Sample Family Fairris Family      

Risinger Family - Early 1900's

Jack Avery  Date unknown

 Jim Godwin - Wood & King Families -Date unknown

John Hubbard Tinsley Family ca 1906
David Spivey Hurst Family

Dr. Thomas Gilmer Calhoun

James Alfred Truitt E. B. Gaither - Pioneer

The Samford Band

Pickering Lumber Company

1931 Barber Shop

V.V. Pate and a Post Office called "TOOMIE"

 Generations of Shelby County