Freemasonry in Shelby County Texas

            The information on this site is taken from the book "Freemasonry In Shelby County Texas, 1846-1900" by William Tellis Parmer and J. B. Sanders. The publication is very thorough and is on file in Shelby County Historical Society and Genealogy Library for view.  Only a small amount of the narrative is recorded here.  The Cumulative Rosters are taken from the pages in the publication.  The book is divided into sections:

        The American Prelude      Early Texas Political Scene    Masonic Beginnings in Texas        Political scene of Freemasonry in Shelby County

The Lodges of Shelby County

Sam Houston Lodge No.32 - Shelbyville 1846-1900 Royal Arch - Officers of Mt. Vernon No. 25 1851-1887
Newbern Lodge No. 97- Newbern/Buena Vista 1851-1877 Newbern Lodge No. 97 - Pleasant Grove 1890-1900
Truitt Lodge No. 149 - Truitt's Store 1854-1869 Sam Houston Lodge No. 243 - Sand Hill 1859-1869
Sam Houston Lodge No. 149 - Center 1868-1900 Jim Truitt Lodge No. 345 - Willow Grove 1872-1896
Timpson Lodge No. 437 - Timpson 1874-1908 Shelby Lodge No. 732 - Shelbyville 1892-1900
Tenaha Lodge No. 737 - Tenaha 1892-1903 Joaquin Lodge No. 836 - Joaquin 1901-1913